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We are pleased to announce that nominations for TENTH Galactic Senate are now OPEN!
Nominations for players wishing to stand for election to one of the TWELVE Senate seats, for a 6-MONTH term of office, should be posted in this thread no later than 2pm PST / 4pm CST / 5pm EST / 10pm GMT on Saturday, January 30th, 2021.
An overview of the Galactic Senate Program together with its aims and the responsibilities of Senators can be found here.
Candidates for the Galactic Senate must have a well-rounded knowledge of Star Wars Galaxies and be willing and able to talk confidently about any aspect of the game.
The election process will take 6 weeks, and will consist of a two-week nomination period for players to nominate themselves or another player, providing they have that player’s agreement, as a candidate for the Galactic Senate. Staff will review the nominations made and a final list of Candidates will then be posted. The nominated candidates will then have a series of debates scheduled at different times between the dates of February 1st through February 12th, 2021. Once finished, these candidates will go forward as the final candidates to be voted on by the community when the voting opens in-game on SATURDAY, February 13th, 2021 at 4pm PST / 6pm CST / 7pm EST / Midnight (February 14th) GMT. The voting closes at the same times on FRIDAY, February 26th, 2021.
Once the polls are closed, the votes will be tabulated and the Acting Senate Liaison will announce the results. All newly-elected Senators will serve a six month term of office starting on MONDAY, March 1st, 2021.

All Nominations should be submitted in this announcement thread, and your nomination post should be in the following format:
Nominee Name:
Discord Name of Nominee:
Player Association of Nominee:
About the Nominee (tell us about what they are like as a person and a player):
About the Nominee’s history with SWG (i.e: how long have they played on Legends, did they play on Live etc.):
Why does the Nominee wish to be a Galactic Senator:
What ONE thing would the nominee like to change or add to the game:
Why should the SWG Community should vote for the nominee:
If anyone has a concern about a particular candidate, please avoid posting it on the forums. You may send your concern to Lokee, the CSR Team Lead and Acting Senate Liaison, or to an Admin who will discuss it with you.
NOMINATIONS CLOSE ON SATURDAY, January 30th, 2021 at 2pm PST / 4pm CST / 5pm EST / 10pm GMT - your nomination should be posted in this thread in the correct format by this date and time at the very latest - posts after the closing date will be disregarded.