SWG Legends news // *A Letter From Leadership*

Greetings Legends!
It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone, but here we find ourselves again. This year marks a rather special occasion for the SWG:Legends project – our Five-Year Anniversary. As everyone begins to login and enjoy the celebration with us, we would like to take a look back at where we’ve been, and also where we are striving to go.

Where we’ve been:
The Omega galaxy was officially born on February 26th, 2016. Within the first year of being live, there were quite a few changes that were implemented. Seven updates to the server were released, changes in hardware were made to help support the community, and the First Galactic Senate was elected. The staff team saw many ups and downs during this tumultuous first year.
Year two saw five more updates being introduced, with the inclusion of the Witches of Dathomir Prologue content. Most importantly, the memory leak issue was taken care of, and the server’s hardware was once again upgraded to help improve server stability. There were a few more changes made in the staff, and a new Discord Server was started. This just happens to be the same Discord Server we are still using today.
The third year saw many interesting developments. Seven updates were released – and this included the full Witches of Dathomir Theme Park. From this point, the server was almost exactly where the Live SOE servers left off, minus the inclusion of the RLS and Atmospheric Flight. We celebrated the 15-year anniversary of Star Wars Galaxies, and the first SWG:Legends Community Transmission was released. The inclusion of the Battle in the Dead Forest to the Galactic Moon Festival marked the beginning of custom content being brought into SWG:Legends. Many optimizations were made along the way, and the Staff had finally evolved into a solid and stable team.
During the fourth year, there were nine updates to the server with more custom content. The Mr. Hate event was added to the Ewok Festival of Love, the Valarian Themepark was restored, and the first update to the Player City game system since SOE was implemented.
The last year, year five, saw quite a few more additions to our custom content. These additions include both the Jedi Themepark Prologue (which included new endgame content and two new heroics) and the Hard Mode version of the Avatar Platform Instance. Flashpoints were also added to the server, which allowed for PVP content at multiple locations across the galaxy. Our first major increase in server hardware was put into place, and two more upgrades were made over the course of the entire year. This allowed us to reduce the lag, and create more server stability. The integration of a new and improved Support Center made it possible for the community to report bugs and receive support in a more efficient and timely manner.

What’s coming next:
It’s safe to say that we are not done yet. There are still quite a few things left on our bucket list that we wish to accomplish, and it’s because of you – the Community – that we will strive to get this content in.
Everyone knows that Bespin is coming, but let me assure you that the teasers that have been released do not do this area any justice. We really can’t wait until this is released.
But that’s not all - we still have much more content coming your way. We have plans after Bespin to release the Jedi Themepark, the second major update to the Player City Systems, and new space content. We also have plans for Felucia, the second completely unique planet to the SWG Universe, and exclusive to SWG:Legends.
In the end, there is only one thing that is certain: The only reason we are still here is because of all of YOU – the entire SWG:Legends Community. You are what makes this server a great place to be, and you are what makes the SWG:Legends Staff team continue to volunteer their time to help ensure that this server remains the premier location for anyone that wishes to relive their adventure in the Star Wars universe. To all of you, we say thank you.

May the force be with you,
SWG:Legends Leadership
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