SWG Legends news // December 2018 Update Part II - GCW 2 Space

With the next restart GCW 2 Space will be pushed onto Omega.
We want to especially thank Cekis from SWGSource who made this update possible by his work in restoring this Live Content and going public with it.
The Galactic Civil War expands into space! With this update, you will now be able to participate in dynamic space battles and fight alongside or against Ace pilots including: Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and Boba Fett.
Defend your capital ship or attack the opposing faction's capital ship in an epic space battle!
Enjoy rewards like: new craftable ships, space components, and more! Tokens earned from the space battle can be used with new vendors located on Talus and Rori.
GCW 2 Space:
  • Capital ships of either faction will now spawn in the space zones of Tatooine, Corellia, Naboo, Lok and Dantooine.
  • Every two hours a different station will come under attack.
  • Participation will be based on the player ship having killed at least one NPC ship or shot the enemy capital ship at least once.
  • Players cannot damage the components or the chassis of the capital ships and stations. Only another capital ship / station can cause chassis damage in the battles.
  • Players can cause shield and armor damage in addition to attacking other fighters. Players can support the fight by reducing the shield and armor from the opposing ship in addition to preventing opposing ships (player and NPC's) from attacking the friendly capital ship.
  • Added /spacebattlestatus command. The command can be used to get the time until the next space battle in the current system. You can get the time for other zones by adding the zone name after the command (for example /spacebattlestatus dantooine will give you the time until the next space battle in Dantooine space.)
  • Players will be rewarded with tokens and GCW for participating in the battles. Winning the battle and participation in Special forces battles will provide a bigger reward.
  • A Rebel space token vendor can now be found in the Rori Rebel Military Outpost.
  • An Imperial space token vendor can now be found in the Talus Imperial Military Outpost.
  • Both vendors will sell new craftable ships, ship deeds, components, and other items.
  • The costs on the vendors have been slightly altered to reflect Legends as an on-going game.
  • Ace pilot collections have been added.
  • Four new ships have been integrated for the factions (Imperial Defender, T-Wing, Heavy Vaksai, Havoc).
  • Hangar models have been added for each of these new ships.

  • Broken hairstyles have been fixed
  • Names of Life Day and Halloween badges have been fixed
  • The damage for the rocket launcher has been fixed
  • The Peko Peko Queen World Boss will finally make its appearance in the wilds of Naboo