SWG Legends news // *Ewok Festival of Dance!*

Greetings Legends!
Sadly, the Ewok Festival of Love is coming to a close, but there's no reason to let hate into your heart with that! To celebrate another year of love, the Kyoopid and his entourage are throwing a dance party! This social gathering will celebrate the love in the galaxy through socializing with friends, some tunes to move to, and maybe even some trivia *with prizes!*
This shindig will be happening this Sunday, March 13th, at the below posted times! We ask that everyone show up happy, ready to party, and wearing your most sickly sweet love day attire! There will be no combat planned for this event, so feel free to bring your less than battle hardened selves out!
When the time comes, head out to 1667 -3659 on Endor (It's on the water!) and join in the party!


If you're not sure on the time, be sure to compare your time zone to GMT! Daylight savings is starting after all!

We hope to see you all there!
Allayloo ta nuv!
SWG:Legends Staff