SWG Legends news // *The Haunted Maze*

Greetings Festival Goers,
Danger and suspense lies within The Great Maze Of Lok this year as supernatural forces have become drawn in to its mystery and intrigue. This Galactic Moon Festival, we wish to cordially invite you to brave The Haunted Maze! Spooky spectres, ghastly ghouls, and mischievous monstrosities will soon await you as you traverse this labyrinthe of loathing and misery. Can you survive the mental and physical terrors lurking in the shadows? We shall soon see.. Those who are able to live to see the end just may receive a few treats to go with the many tricks in store for you at this POI location.
Event Details:
  • Ingame announcements will be issued to let you know when the forces lying within the maze are ready to “play”.
  • In-game area announcements within 200m of the maze will be ongoing to navigate you through the event.
  • Throughout different locations in the maze will lie hidden “treats” that you must pave your way through a few “tricks”, to locate and extract all while navigating the maze.
  • Waypoints and visual aids to assist you in knowing where to go will be shared via in-game area announcements (see again the 2nd point).
  • Enemies will be constantly wandering through the maze, so don’t think you can just stand still without paying a price..
  • A camp will be nearby with cloning capability should you suffer any “accidents” during your traversing.
  • Once the event draws to a close we will have you all meet a special guest outside the maze for a few words and a farewell as we wrap up the event.

Event Type: PvE/RP/Social
Event Location: The Great Maze Of Lok (POI in your datapad)
Event Date/Time: To Be Announced
May the maze be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team