SWG Legends news // The Aegis Objective

A technology believed to have been dismantled during the closing days of the Clone Wars has resurfaced! Miniaturized Gungan shield generators hidden on Naboo and Rori have mysteriously become active. Codenamed the “Aegis”, these generators could tip the balance of power on the battlefield if acquired, fixed and deployed.
Event Details
  • Event Type: PVE
  • Event Location: Various locations announced in-game prior to event
  • Event Objective: Locate the technology, defeat any foes and defend the position

All throughout Empire Day, leaders from either faction will make a call to arms to find and secure this technology. But don't worry - everyone is able to join in! (Your participation will still aid your side regardless of who makes the call!)
Watch for in-game announcements and follow the instructions on how to get involved.
Victory Conditions
Each encounter will have a winning faction based on participation and whether or not the technology was located within a given time limit.
If the technology is located, in addition to the normal Token reward for participating, Empire Day/Remembrance Day tokens will be granted. The faction with the most participants will be considered to have won and acquired the technology. (Neutrals will also receive the tokens, but their participation does not aid either side.)
If the technology is not located in time, the opposing faction will automatically claim victory!
At the end of the 2022 Empire Day event, the faction with the most points will be considered victorious! The generators will factor into future events for that winning side.
Aegis Objective Standings
The following represents the current status of how each faction is doing in the quest for the Aegis technology.
Rebel Alliance - 0 Imperial Empire - 0