SWG Legends news // *The Pale Ghost Pandemonium*

“He was described either as a monstrous pale ghost or as a man shrouded in a dark cloak, with sickly yellow eyes, a hooked nose, sharp teeth and long nails. The latter depiction shared many similarities with the appearance of the Galactic Emperor Palpatine.” - A description of Lord Nyax

Greetings Celebrants,
Within the past year, the Cult of Nyax has taken underground to scheme and plot for the next Galactic Moon Festival, and this time their numbers are vast. City after city of unsuspecting townspeople across the stars have been influenced by this dark society of Nyax followers. The cult has deemed it the perfect time to unleash their organized chaos across the whole galaxy.
No longer confined to their hubs on Corellia, cells of this group have made their presence known and felt; smuggling weapons, credits, and food to as many desperate (and susceptible) participants as they can to carry out the anarchy. It's rumored their reach has gone even as high as the Galactic Empire after reports of "lost" and "relocated" canisters from an Imperial Lab on Dathomir began to stir up.
The cries and the chants for the cult started as but a whisper. This Galactic Moon Festival, the streets will be full of the chants, the screams, and the chaos of Lord Nyax.
Moon Festival celebrants should be ready to answer the call should the Cult of Nyax decide to descend on another unsuspecting NPC city across the galaxy.

Event Details:
Event Type: PvE/RP
Event Location: Random NPC cities across the galaxy (Announcements will be made IN-GAME when the event begins to divulge location.)
Event Time(s): This event will occur randomly throughout the Galactic Moon Festival as well as have a scheduled weekly occurrence (at 4am UTC) on the following days: October 17th, October 24th, October 31st, November 7th. The time conversions are listed below:

(The event is scheduled to happen every Sunday at 4am UTC starting on October 17th, October 24th, October 31st, and November 7th)

May the Moon Festival be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team