SWG Legends news // *Friday Feature - Choosing Your Damage*

Happy Friday Legends!
This week we're discussing something every single combat player encounters, though not all players realize makes a difference. Today we're talking elemental damage!
We hope this feature will shine some light on what each of the 4 elemental damage types offer, as they're more than just another number on your weapon!

The Elements and Their Effects:

You likely have noticed at some point your weapon has an elemental damage value to it, but those elements mean more than just a number. Each of the 4 elements also have a bonus effect to them, and we will be discussing each here and why you might find them overly useful!

Elemental damage and type can be found here!

First up:

Any time you connect a blow with a weapon augmented with heat damage, you have a chance to set your target ablaze. They will be afflicted with a damage over time de-buff that will tick away at their health. Often people find this elemental type helpful in situations where your target is able to dodge/parry/block a lot of your damage, such as against a Jedi with lightsaber block (as the de-buff damage cannot be blocked once the damage over time is applied!). Heat is a very common damage choice, and you will see it in red lightsaber crystals.

Acid is a very popular elemental damage choice for anyone who puts emphasis on critical attacks, as acid damage will apply a de-buff that will greatly increase the number of critical hits the target will suffer over it's duration from ALL sources. However the de-buff applied by this element does not last as long as other elemental de-buffs, therefore this element is very popular for builds that do burst damage. Spies, for instance, often choose acid as their element, as it will allow you to sneak in as many critical hits as you can! Acid is also very common in weapons, and you will find it often on green hued lightsabers.

Cold damage is an interesting element, as the de-buff it gives increases the amount of overall damage the target takes over it's duration. The higher your cold damage value, the more damage they take during the de-buff. This element is good for sustained damage, as you will not need to worry about overwriting your burn ability from heat, and you do not need to worry about your burst damage like with acid. Though most choose to go with the above mentioned type, cold is a very solid choice, and offers a lot of benefit as the increased damage de-buff applies to all incoming damage! Unsurprisingly, blue crystals are often cold.

Lightning damage is likely the least popular elemental choice, as it's damage type is more for those that like to tank over dealing high damage. The lightning element de-buff increases the target's chance to land a "Glancing blow" over a normal attack, a glancing blow being 60% reduced damage. As stated, this is a less popular choice as it does not increase damage dealt to the target, however many tanks running heroics or similar content will find lightning can be helpful in helping them stay in the fight! Purple crystals are the choice for lightning.

We hope that this article helps you make some informed choices in your next weapon acquisition, as you want to make sure that it's the right one for you! Be sure to try out each and see what works best!
May the Force Be with You!
SWG:Legends Staff
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