SWG Legends news // Life Day 2022: Batteries Not Included

Due to disruptions in the supply chain, Saun Dann has been forced to create makeshift toy designs for Life Day. Unfortunately, his designs require a non-standard power supply that can’t be found on the market. Unless a solution is found, there will be a lot of unpowered toys and disappointed children on Life Day morning. Can you help acquire these batteries?
Over the course of the Life Day event, Saun Dann will contact you with ideas of how and where to acquire a battery for his designs. Unfortunately, time is of the essence. If the battery cannot be located within the specified timeframe, Saun Dann will be forced to abandon his design and try another.
  • Event Type: Roleplay, Puzzle
  • When: Various times throughout the 2021 Life Day Event
  • Where: Any planet, anywhere!

  • Await an in-game broadcast from Saun Dann to provide clues on how and where to find the battery
  • Locate and target the correct NPC
  • Be the first player to perform the correct emote
  • Only ONE emote is valid for each NPC (Be mindful of certain emotes which may carry the same meaning; only one is correct)
  • Do NOT use macros to execute emotes. This will disqualify you.
  • Do NOT spam emotes. If you fire emotes more frequent than every 10 seconds. This will disqualify you.
  • Wait to see if the NPC responds. If you leave too soon OR if you fire another emote, you may miss your opportunity.
  • After seeing a success message, stay near the NPC for your prize

The first person to complete the task receives: 1 token of gratification, 300 Life Day Tokens (choice of Imperial or Rebel) and Toy part 4 (Battery). The battery is part of the "Some Assembly Required" event.