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Greetings Legends,
Another glorious Friday is upon us (unless it's not Friday when you're reading this) and we're going to spend this week's Friday Feature covering The PvP GCW Static Bases within the Galaxy. These locations are unique in that they're actual PvP Zones (much like the ruined city of Restuss) that will convert any wandering Combatant Rebels or Imperials immediately into Special Forces (so be mindful of that minor detail when you decide to explore). These locations although similar to Restuss in that they're made for PvP engagements, are actually much smaller and catered more towards the smaller/medium scale PvP encounters within a 150m radius of the center of these base locations. Today we're going to try and cover the very basics of these locations and what part they play in not only the Galactic Civil War, but also building your characters and making use of some of the handy item rewards you can get from these places should your respective faction hold them long enough.

The Locations:
There are currently 3 PvP Static Bases within the galaxy. Each of these locations (depending on the controlling faction) will have enemy NPCs (level 90) patrolling the surface outside and will have more troops within the base itself as you descend down one. Let's touch on the planetary locations of these bases below:

The Weapons Depot located on Talus (pictured above)


The Tactical Training Facility located on Corellia (pictured above)


The Weapons Development Facility located on Naboo (pictured above)

The Objectives:
All 3 of the mentioned locations are constantly open to attack from the enemy. The main objectives are for factions to not only capture the base, but hold it from being recaptured by the enemy. In order to "Capture" one of these GCW Static Bases, you (or with help from your allies) must flip the following Control Terminals that are always located at the base:
  • Alpha Control Terminal
  • Beta Control Terminal
  • Gamma Control Terminal
  • Delta Control Terminal

The process of flipping each of these terminals towards your control can be a complicated task if the action picks up. When you activate a Control Terminal, you will begin to see a 30 second meter tick down and it's important that you don't move or get attacked during this time otherwise the countdown stops and you'll have to try again. Also worth noting, each Control Terminal that you successfully capture, a planetary message will be sent out to notify that your faction has begun capturing the base, so be ready for potential encounters after seizing the first one or two.

A Control Terminal in the middle of being captured (pictured above)

Once you (or you and your allies) have captured all 4 of the Control Terminals, enemy NPCs will turn into friendly factional NPCs, your faction's banner will display in front of the buildings instead of the enemy's, and also available is a Logistics Officer NPC at the very bottom level in the same room where the Control Terminal Delta is located:

Static Base under friendly control (pictured above)

Now that you've captured the static base and you have your friendly Logistics Officer available, what's next? Now the tricky part. The next objective will involve you keeping control of your static base. Doing this will allow "supplies" to be periodically delivered to the Logistics Officer to give (single stack) items that can potentially give your character an edge in combat. It can take many hours for each new phase of improved supplies to be brought into the base for you to grab off of the Logistics Officer, so keeping one of these bases under your control can be an arduous task without the help of your allies. Let's move on to the supplies themselves though..
Conversation options with a Logistics Officer (pictured above)

The Rewards:
The Logistics Officer at the bottom of the base you can speak with to see the available supplies and get a time as to when the next phase of supplies to the base will arrive. A freshly captured static base will start off first by offering grade A supplies (the lowest), but after holding one of these static bases for long enough, you can have access to quite a variety of useful and potent tools to give your character the edge in combat whether it PvP or PvE.
An example of the list of rewards from one of the static bases (pictured above)

There's a few important things to note and reiterate about the supplies. You're only allowed to grab a stack at a time from the Logistics Officer, but you can have different grades (A, B, C and so on) in your inventory at once. So if you already have an A rank supply of a certain kind in your inventory, you can't grab another A, it has to be one of the other grades. It's important to remember as well that each static base is different. They run completely independent of one another. You can't expect the same supplies to be available on Talus as there is on Naboo or Corellia. The current supplies can potentially be different and therefore the times on arrivals can be totally different, so make sure to speak with the Logistics Officer if you want to know how much time until new supplies arrive.
A Logistics Officer relaying the time until new supplies arrive to the base (pictured above)

It's worth also noting that supplies are completely FREE to grab at these static bases, so if you're brave enough to flag as Special Forces and pick some up, you're able to do so as long as you're of an appropriate level. Using lower end supplies require your character be at least level 55, but the higher end supplies require your character to be 75 in order to use.
One of the special supply items you can get from a fully supplied base (courtesy of the Galactic Senate) is a Planetary Unique Rallying Banner. These particular banners each come with their own special perks that they can offer your allies in in combat. Let's quickly go over what these types of Rallying Banners can do along with some of the other related notes from the November 2019 Update:

Part of the November 2019 Development Update regarding GCW Static Bases (pictured above)
A Rallying Banner that comes from the Weapons Development Facility on Naboo (pictured above)

A Rallying Banner that comes from the Weapons Depot on Talus (pictured above)
A Rallying Banner that comes from the Tactical Training Facility on Corellia (pictured above)

If you want to see exactly what all of these unique supplies are, follow this link to the SWG:Legends wiki article on PvP GCW Base Stims.

Wrapping Up:
As we conclude this week's Friday Feature, we want to remind you all that if there's anything notable missing from this article today that we need to add in, please be sure to leave them in the replies below. We also encourage anyone seeing any old or otherwise not current/finished information on our SWG:Legends Wiki articles to log in and make necessary edits/additions etc.
We also would like to take the time to remind you all that if you want to take part in many of these PvP related activities, we have a very helpful and knowledgeable PvP community that's always ready to help or give you advice. Are you looking to connect with your faction more? We can't stress enough that you visit the #pvp-channel on the SWG:Legends Discord and check the pinned messages there for links to various guides and links to the unofficial Imperial and Rebel discords.

The pinned messages in the #pvp-channel on SWG:Legends Discord (pictured above)

This concludes our Friday Feature on The PvP GCW Static Bases! We hope to see you well supplied next time you're sprinting into battle.
May the force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team
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