SWG Legends news // August 2022 Galactic Homeshow Winner!

Greetings Legends,
We are pleased to announce that judging for the August 2022 Galactic Homeshow has concluded! It's the last month of Summer and the competition for the top prize was hotter than ever! There were two dozen - yes, 24 - entrants vying for the honor. Though all the entries were stunning and executed to perfection, only one could be declared the winner. This one stood out for its creativity, originality and immersion. And so…
Congratulations go out to @Amagon for being declared the winner with the Hermit's Hideaway! Set far away from civilization, the journey to the hideaway was fraught with danger. At the end of the treacherous trail, the hermit's hideaway could be found through a forest of trees: an unexpected cabin! Who is the hermit that lives here and why did he decide to leave civilization behind? Perhaps the answer could be found inside the cabin itself?
Amagon - be sure to reach out to a member of the Event Staff (Vincer, Muhen, Cristina or Walmahrt) to claim your prizes!

Until you get a chance to take the path to the hideaway yourself, have a look at some of the visuals below. Perhaps these will tempt you to make the journey yourself. If you do, you can head to /waypoint Dantooine -4760 -163.

If you would like to see all of the entries from this past contest, check out the submission thread found RIGHT HERE!
We would like to thank all of our entrants! While you may not have won, we encourage you to submit again. There can only be one winner each month and maybe next time it will be you! Watch the forum and any of our social medial platforms for details on our next competition.
May the Force Be With You!
The SWG:Legends Team

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