SWG Legends news // The Galactic Moon Festival 2019

Season's Screamings!
The Galactic Moon Festival has returned! All throughout the galaxy, Jabba's famed festival is being celebrated again, and last year's festivities were such a success being expanded to The Dead Forest, our furry friends on Kashyyyk have allowed this foreign tradition to grace its lands once more. As well as Kashyyyk, don't forget you can also trick or treat in Moenia and Mos Eisley! Z'ozpheratu and the familiar ghosts and ghouls you remember from Festivals past will be waiting for you! It's time to get into a scary costume and celebrate! Below, we are going to touch on a little bit of what you can be prepared to see (or see again) this Galactic Moon Festival.
For the full patch notes of the Development Update, click here!
What to expect this Galactic Moon Festival

Death Troopers:
On October 13, 2009, The Death Troopers novel was released. Here in 2019, you might notice we've included some of that theme into the GMF and we would like to further commemorate the 10 year anniversary release of the novel and celebrate the in-game related content by issuing everyone who logs in during the Galactic Moon Festival a special Death Troopers painting that some of us here may remember:

(Above) Death Troopers painting publish gift.

All during GMF this year, we'll also be celebrating 10 years of Death Troopers by making you face your fears with Death Trooper themed live events (and maybe even a giveaway) to make your hearts race and spines tingle as we learn all over again about the terrifying Black Wing Virus and rediscover the horrors of the Quarantine Zone (make sure you remember to use your Jabba's Comlink and gain access!).
Round up your friends and take on the undead as a team! All throughout the duration of the GMF, all those who journey through the depths of the Quarantine Zone pursuing the Undead Rancor will have a chance to loot a forgotten trinket from the past!

(Above) Death Troopers novel cover.

Storyteller Props:
You and your friends can STILL celebrate the Galactic Moon Festival in style this year. The missing event storyteller props have been once again added to Storyteller vendors and Z'ozpheratu. Like last year, Pex the storyteller vendor has even decided to dress up in the Mos Eisley theatre. Use these tokens to spook friends and foes!
  • Upon logging in you will be granted a publish gift; "Moon Festival Decoration device" this consumable device has 10 charges. This will allow you to persist any Galactic Moon Festival storyteller prop within the game world the duration of the Galactic Moon Festival. (Note: This device will expire after the Galactic Moon Festival has concluded along with the persisted props)

(Above) Moon Festival Decoration Device.

Return To The Dead Forest:
The dangers have returned to torment celebrants on Kashyyyk this year. Journey back to the Dead Forest for new riddles, new rewards, and familiar friends/foes. The Sayormi spirits are again running amok and it's up to brave festival goers to keep evil in check near the haunted tree. Some of the new treats you can find this year at the Haunted Tree raid include:
  • New Badge/Title
  • New eye wearable
  • New paintings
  • And more

The Tree Raid is located at ( /way 440 -380) ) inside The Dead Forest. This year, the event at the tree will reward players once per character, per day.

(Above) New Miniature Sickly Wroshyr Tree

New and Returning Vendor Rewards:
Just as a reminder, Z'ozpheratu can be found in the following locations within the game for the duration of Galactic Moon Festival, so don't forget to visit him to get involved or if you want to spend your tokens:
  • Mos Eisley, Tatooine ( /way 3522 -4806 )
  • Moenia, Naboo ( /way 4790 -4778 )
  • The Dead Forest (inside the Kkowir Forest), Kashyyyk ( /way 54 -384 )

(Above) Z'ozpheratu overseeing GMF celebrations in front of the Mos Eisley Starport.

You can expect Z'ozpheratu to have all of your festival favorites as well as a few potentially new favorites this year on the Moon Festival Vendor. Along with the costumes, deco, wearables, and novelty items we have even more spooky spoils for you to save up for and work towards acquiring. We have a new badge, title, and a collection with a very special painting to celebrate the bodily sacrifice one famous Mos Eisley cantina patron (unknowingly) made so that we could spread even more terror amongst the city streets! If you want to know more, hurry and log in now and start scaring!

Live Events & Community Contests:
it wouldn't be a proper Galactic Moon Festival without a few live events would it?! All through GMF, you can expect plenty of scheduled and surprise live events happening in the galaxy. Stay alert to your discord announcements and in game announcements. As well as live events, we'll be celebrating with various community contests that you can maybe win a few treats.
The Cult of Nyax have been terrorizing citizens on Corellia. Townspeople have been mysteriously abducted and we'll need your help figuring out how we can restore some peace to the Corellian people. Read the following link here for more details on this scavenger hunt event.
The outbreak has returned. Blackwing Virus has found its way to numerous areas of the galaxy along with the undead mindless creatures that come with it. Evidence of Death Troopers are out there. We need everyone ready to step in and be ready to push back the dead this Moon Festival. Read the following link here for details about these events.
We're still unsure of the exact origins of the Blackwing Virus or fully what it can do. The Quarantine Zone (QZ) on Dathomir has turned into a desolate nightmare, with pockets of never ending battles between the living and the dead. A top level researcher at one of the fallen facilities in the QZ has been reported to still be alive in one of the Refugee Camps. We have a plan in motion to extract this researcher and hopefully answer a few of these questions. (Make sure you have access to the Quarantine Zone) More details will follow soon!
The spookiest social event of the Moon Festival is coming soon! We have a long and fun festival ahead of us with plenty to enjoy! We plan on capping off the GMF with a celebration so ghoulishly glorious in the city of Moenia, it might even make Jabba himself jealous. As it gets closer towards that time, we'll make sure to share the details so everyone can attend!
We have a very special event happening on Talus within The Lost Village Of Durbin, but that's not all. We also have a very special prize generously donated by one of our community members. Check the details right here!. Missing out on this event could be A Grave Misfortune in itself!
The Swim Of Demise is also returning! The Galactic Moon Festival favorite is back and better than ever! Join us back in The Dead Forest on Kashyyyk for the scariest swim of your life! Stay tuned for further announcements with the details you need on this event.
Deep in the forests of Corellia, a gathering is being held for a night of terrifying tales around the campfire. Further details about this event are coming soon!
Jabba The Hutt has given us his permission to proceed with a new community contest and we can't wait to see many of our celebrants join in on the fun. If you want to view the details, hurry here and learn more!
Pumpkin time! The pumpkin carving contest is back and we're looking forward to seeing your creativity this year! Check the following link here for details on how to enter and showcase your carving skills to the galaxy!
Let The Celebrations Begin!
We're all in for a very eventful Galactic Moon Festival this year and we can't wait to celebrate together once again! As already mentioned, please make sure you stay tuned to the forums, discord, social media, and in game for any scheduled and surprise announcements of pending events and contests! There could be even more to add to the list! Now bring on the mischief and madness!
May the force be with you,
SWG:Legends Staff