SWG Legends news // *Friday Feature - Beyond the Cantina*

Greetings, party people! The galaxy is filled with fun and excitement for bold adventurers, no matter their profession. What's out there among the stars for intrepid entertainers? In this week's Friday Feature, we go beyond the cantina and explore entertainer centric quests!

"You truly belong here with us among the clouds..."
The Bespin Entertainer Quests
Our journey begins in the clouds: Bespin! Within the gleaming Legends Cantina, there is a Twi'lek named Lora. Lora offers a great deal of quests for Entertainers looking to show off their skills in locations all across the galaxy. Lora will give you two choices of contract: if you choose a quest where you interact with patrons, you will need to be able to give inspiration buffs to players. If you choose to be part of the supporting act, Lora will give you a contract to perform at a specific location for thirty minutes.
There are a few things to remember for Lora's quests that ask you to inspire others. Take a look at these top tips that will save you some time on your way to galactic superstardom:
  • The buff has to be over 2 hours.
  • Buffing other entertainers does not progress the quest.
  • Buffing people on the same account will not progress the quest.
  • You're only able to buff a single toon once per quest.
  • If a player has been buffed by another entertainer who is doing the quest within the last hour, it will not progress the quest.

Coronet... Theed... Mos Eisley... even Restuss. Where will you end up next? When you've had your fill of travel, come back to the Legends Club to see Lora and enjoy the fruits of your labour - that's right, the rewards!
Meet the lovely Lora to start the Bespin entertainer quests!

Lora offers you a chance to buy rewards with Ionized Tibanna Gas, which you get from doing her quests! One such reward is the sought after Excellent Choreographer jewelry set, which for a five piece set offers +150 Stamina, +2 Inspiration Pulse Increase, and 30% reduction of all action costs. Your buffs will also give an extra experience and GCW bonus to patrons (Beasts also benefit from an experience buff!) Lora also offers the dances Twirl 1 and Twirl 2, along with a selection of items sure to dazzle any home or cantina.
You can check this quest series out on our player run Wiki right here!
When you're ready to wave goodbye to Cloud City, why not give our next stop a try? But be careful, it's a bit more of a rough and tumble kind of a place. Funny, the brochures made it look so inviting...

"Just a few simple tasks, my pet, to influence one of the Clan Mothers..."
The Witches of Dathomir Theme Park
Do you relish the thrill and excitement of mystery and danger? Entertainers with a taste for the extreme can journey to Dathomir, where fortune favours the brave. The Witches of Dathomir offer chances for Entertainers to enter their secretive world. The risk is great, but so too are the rewards.
Your adventure begins by speaking to Omogg's Representative's at the Dathomir Trade Outpost (/way dathomir 552 3074). Omogg's Representative asks if you'd like to make a bit of quick cash. He quickly explains that all he wants you to do is take a series of pictures of the local scenery that will hopefully entice tourists to the dangerous planet. Work long enough for Omogg's Representative, and you'll soon get a call from a mysterious individual who claims you might just suit her purpose. Her name is Rubina, and she has a few small tasks for you. Each task will help you gain favour with the Clan Mothers of either the Nightsisters or the Singing Mountain Clan, putting you one step closer to the stronghold of either of these fierce tribes of witches.
These tasks are designed so that entertainers can also take part in them. (Though granted, it might take a bit of creative speeder piloting to avoid angry rancors on the Dathomiri plains!) You can also ask Rubina to tell you a bit more about the Witches of Dathomir, or to update you on your progress in gaining favour with your chosen side.
Which will you choose: the Singing Mountain Clan, or the Nightsisters? For a full quest walkthrough, click right here!
We heard something about appeasing rancors with music being your task once you gain favour with the Witches, but we're sure it'll be fine. Pretty sure. Hopefully.
"Music soothes the savage beast... at least, that's what I hope..."

"Big dreams, bigger talent. With those two things, you'll be alright, kid!"
The Theatre Manager quest and heading to Mustafar
Are you ready to head to our next destinations? Let's go!
You say you're looking for more tools to add to your show? Don't worry, we have you covered. Did you know there are THREE more dances and two more songs to learn just waiting for you out there? It's true!
Journey to any theatre in an NPC city to take the Theatre Manager Quest, which will give you the opportunity to learn the "Western" song and the dances "Theatrical 1 and Theatrical 2". We've made a Friday Feature dedicated to the Theatre Manager Quest, which you can view here! Since you are able to repeat this quest, you are able to get both dances and the song. But beware out there: audiences can be very picky, so it's best to vary up your arsenal a bit. And like any good entertainer, listening to your audience and playing to their likes will help you go far! (Yes, that's a not so subtle hint about the quest!)
A Theatre Manager. I always trust the well-hatted.

Ready to learn more? What entertainer isn't jumping at the chance to learn more dances and music? Travelling to the fiery Mustafar and seeking out Pei Yi in the cantina in Mensix Mining Facility will give you her namesake dance! While you're there, speak with Diskret Stahn to learn the song Calypso! Who knows where your career will go with such interesting and exotic numbers in your entertainment arsenal?

"Dance the night away! Who knows what tomorrow will bring?"
Goodbye! We'll meet again.
Legends, there's so much out there for entertainers beyond the cantina that we couldn't even list all of it here. From the Build a Buff collection, to the role of Entertainers in invasions, this is just a small slice of what awaits for all you galactic superstars in the making. Let's get exploring! We hope to see you in the galaxy!
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