SWG Legends news // *The Galactic Moon Festival 2020*

The Galactic Moon Festival Returns!
This is the 5th (Yes, 5th!) GMF celebration to be carried out here on SWG:Legends this year! Don't forget to read over the patch notes here for our October rollout, but if you already have, continue reading on. This thread will briefly cover what's returning for our beloved Moon Festival, but mostly touch on what's new. We have many things in store for Omega this year and we cannot wait to see you all enjoying another Galactic Moon Festival here with us.
(Are you new to the Galactic Moon Festival? Read up about more of the basics in our Friday Feature!)

A new, but familiar Galactic Moon Festival piece featuring Z'ozpheratu (pictured above)

New and Returning Vendor Rewards:
Just as a reminder, Z'ozpheratu can be found in the following locations within the game for the duration of Galactic Moon Festival, so don't forget to visit him to get involved or if you want to spend your tokens:
  • Mos Eisley, Tatooine ( /way 3522 -4806 )
  • Moenia, Naboo ( /way 4790 -4778 )
  • The Dead Forest (inside the Kkowir Forest), Kashyyyk ( /way 54 -384 )

Many new treats are available this year to expand on the Galactic Moon Festival tradition and further spookify your houses! Below, you can find a few peaks at these terrifying teasers:

A few of the "treats" from GMF 2020 (pictured above)

It's time log in now and start scaring up the spoils!

Return To The Dead Forest:
The dangers have returned to torment celebrants on Kashyyyk this year. Journey back to the Dead Forest for new riddles, new rewards, and familiar friends/foes. The Sayormi spirits are again running amok and it's up to brave festival goers to keep evil in check near the haunted tree. Some of the new treats you can find this year at the Haunted Tree raid include:
  • New Badge
  • New Title
  • New paintings
  • And many more returning goodies from last year's celebration!

The Tree Raid is located at ( /way 440 -380) ) inside The Dead Forest. This year, the event at the tree will reward players once per character, per day.

The Haunted Tree (pictured above)

When The Night Falls:
Darkness has descended upon the galaxy. There are many mysteries under the moon this year we're anxious to see you solve. Along with new riddles awaiting (also within The Dead Forest), you'll find yourself in different parts of the galaxy uncovering new and treacherous adventures meeting familiar characters. Keep your eyes peeled. You never know what to expect when darkness falls..

Creepy Community Contests:
We've got plenty in store for our trick or treaters this Galactic Moon Festival! Are you curious about some of the returning and new contests in store for the community? Let's delve into a few of them!
The Pumpkin contest is back again! We felt like it was appropriate to sweeten the pot this year (No tricks, more treats!) and really encourage celebrants this time around to really show up and show out for their Star Wars themed Halloween pumpkins. Read the following link here for more details on on how you can carve carve away.
If you could capture an entire Galactic Moon Festival in one screenshot, what would that be to you? This year, we're looking for lots of screenshots that can best sum up the season and we're anxious to check in each week to see, share, and potentially use for future GMF celebrations. Please read the following link here to learn more.

Lurking Live Events:
What would any festival let alone one of the spookiest festivals be without live events?! It's too scary to think about.. Galactic Moon Festival 2020 will see no shortage of Tokens of Gratification. Our Events Team will be chomping at the bit to bring us all together for many frights and much fun. Let's take a look at some of what we can expect to see this year for Live Event action!
Disclaimer: The majority of our live events below will be reoccurring and random, while some will be scheduled. Unfortunately due to our time zone constraints, we may not be able to accommodate our non US/UK times as much as we would like. As always, we will do our very best to stay active and make sure as many of you are able to join in on as much of the fun as possible. Thank you all for your patience.
Z'ozpheratu is a little bored.. He spends so much time organizing the fear inducing festivities he's forgotten what it's like to celebrate himself. Z'ozpheratu will be using a few tricks he's been keeping up his sleeve to be a part of this year's celebrations. Learn more in the following link here.
The Empire has been moving a dangerous bio weapon in secret. A shuttle carrying samples of this weapon has inadvertently been compromised and thus forced to make an emergency landing. Tainted supplies onboard have been sneaked out and smuggled through town potentially infected civilians. Learn more about the incident: here.
The Cult Of Nyax are pulling out all of the stops to wreak havoc on The Galactic Moon Festival this year. A strange ritual is being carried out deep within the woods of Corellia. Are you afraid of ghosts? You will be. You will be.. click here to learn more.
The Mighty Jabba, founder of The Galactic Moon Festival is organizing a Monster Hunt that none shall ever forget. Face off against some of the most dangerous, unseen, fearsome creatures and beings ever in this galaxy wide monster mash. Find out more here.
The Great Maze on Lok is experiencing an unexplained surge of haunting power. This power has drawn in many a ghouls and ghosts alike turning the maze into an ominous labyrinth. Brave adventurers are encouraged to answer the call and discover what mysteries await. Click here to learn about The Haunted Maze.. If you dare.
There's a Beast Master on Tatooine who could use the help of brave festival goers on a dangerous but necessary mission. Learn more here
It's back! It's finally back! The Swim Of Demise once again returns to The Dead Forest on Kashyyyk! Check the link here to learn more about this community favorite endeavor of doom..
The Witching Hour is almost upon us! Join us for the spookiest social event of The Galactic Moon Festival before the curtains close on this year's celebrations. Details about this social event will be coming soon.

May The Moon Festival Be With You,
The SWG:Legends Team