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Welcome back, Legends
It’s Friday! You know what that means, right? Yep, you guessed right, it’s time for this week’s Friday Feature! This week, we’re exploring a new feature added to our SWG:Legends website that will help you all stay current with the state of our Player Cities here on the Omega server. We’ll touch on how to access it, what it is, how it can benefit you, and also include a few helpful links to help you guys know (or remember) the basics of Player Cities here on Legends. Let’s dive in!
How Can I Access The Omega Cities Database?

Reaching this useful source of info is very easy! Simply visit the home page of the SWG:Legends website. Here’s a few screen snips to help guide you along:

In the snip above is the home page of the website. All you do is locate the Legends tab (circled towards the very top middle of the image), Hover your cursor over where it says “Legends” and you’ll see a few different categories listed. At the very bottom of the list (and also circled in the image) you will find “Omega Cities”. Just click that and you’ll head right to the next page.
What Is The Omega Cities Page?

Once you’re in the Omega Cities section, you’ll see a very large list starting from the top and working its way down. Omega Cities is a Player City database that is very quickly updated to show present Player City data. Every Player City in the game you will find listed along with their location, their founding date, and the city’s current city rank. Pictured below is the top section of the page:

How Can This Tool Benefit You?

New and Returning Players alike constantly seek new beginnings (or a fresh start) when they begin (or return to) their endeavor as a Master Politician. A few of the constant questions somebody looking to establish a new city (or one hoping to advance their current city) finds themselves asking is usually “How many shuttleports are on this planet?”, “How many rank 4 or 5 cities are here?”, or maybe “Why is it my city hasn’t advanced yet?”. We’re hoping this tool allows everyone in the community the chance to keep their ear to the ground and maybe give you a better chance of finding that special place to break ground on a future Metropolis or foothold in the galaxy. Listed below is the bottom section of the “Omega Cities” page which shows each planet, number of cities of each rank, and how many shuttleports are on that planet:

Learning More About Player Cities

The Player City system here in SWG is quite unique. Like most aspects of SWG, it has a lot of moving parts, functions, and just so much to be mindful of and stay on top of. If you’re new to the idea of Player Cities or need a reminder about them, please read up on them in the following link HERE on the SWG:Legends Wiki to learn more about Population Requirements, City Ranks, City Specializations, etc.
This wraps up our Friday Feature on Player Cities and keeping track of them with the Omega Cities section of our website!
May the force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team
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