SWG Legends news // *SWG Giveaway Results!*

Hello Legends!
In our original thread (found HERE) about the 20th anniversary of Star Wars Galaxies, we had a giveaway! 20 entrants were chosen from all those that entered. These individuals were hand picked by members of staff for their stories in and about exploring the galaxy! Without further ado, those winners are:

Congratulations to the above winners! You get a SWG:Legends vinyl sticker! However, the astute of you will notice that there are only 19 people listed, and that's because one of the lucky 20 was chosen to win the grand prize in addition to a sticker, a full SWG Collectors Edition!
Community member @KoliDrath , you're that lucky someone! We hope you enjoy this collectors piece, and are able to display it in all it's glory!

All listed winners, please reach out to any members of the Events Team (Muhen, Cristina, Vincer, or Walmahrt) with your mailing address to be shipped your prize!

We want to thank everyone for taking part in the giveaway, as well as thanking everyone for being a part of this wonderful community. This game that we all love has been around for 20 years, but the memories, friends, and good times from it will last a lifetime!
May the Force be with you all, and here's to another 20!
SWG:Legends Staff