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In this week's Friday Feature, we're exploring a somewhat forgotten quest line that takes place at the home of a notable Tatooine land baron, located near the city of Anchorhead. This adventure takes you to many places where you'll meet many "interesting" personalities on your quest to locate a lost family heirloom. Below we'll cover the locations, the many characters involved, and of course the rewards!
Locating The Darklighter’s Estate:
While exploring the remote sand world of Tatooine you might find an area with many moisture vaporators circling a large ranch. This is the Darklighter’s Estate, property of Huff Darklighter. If you don’t know Huff, he is the father of Rebellion hero Biggs Darklighter. He is also the biggest business magnate on Tatooine.

Home of the famed Darklighters of Tatooine, you can find the Darklighter's Estate south-southwest of Anchorhead, at /way -717 -6683.

Big business means big money, and this attracts big crime. Recently, an expensive antique Tusken King’s longrifle disappeared from the estate. This rifle belonged to Huff Darklighter’s grandfather and Huff has been upset ever since it was lost. If you want, you can try to find it back for him.
The guard outside the estate gives you a clue. He thinks it was taken offworld, to Naboo. The guard suggests asking Borvo the Hutt, the crime lord of Moenia.
Meeting Borvo:

The Moenia Cantina is rumoured to be Borvo the Hutt’s main base of operations. It is located right next to the starport.

It is hard to imagine a greater contrast between Tatooine and dark, swampy Moenia on Naboo. This city in the Paintnnu wetlands has a spooky feel to it. It is famous as an artists’ retreat and also for the annual Galactic Moon Festival. But none of this matters when you want to talk to Borvo the Hutt.

The infamous crime lord Borvo the Hutt.

Borvo resides in the back room of the Moenia Cantina. To be granted an audience, you must first gain the trust of his bodyguards.
The guards are in urgent need of assistance so your timing is perfect. You are asked to deliver a medpack to Dagorel, one of Borvo's employees, who's just been shot. Dagorel can be found behind the starport, some 500m away from the cantina. After giving him the medpack, return to Borvo's guards.
Dagorel said the last gun running job was a setup. One of Borvo’s most trusted men, Niksel Frangee, is believed to be the snitch. Your next mission is to kill Frangee (CL27). Again, it's a mere 500m to your target. Take him down (be sure to get a location quest update before you attack). Then go back to Borvo's guards.
If you are the police, where is your badge?:
Frangee had a CorSec badge on him! This proves he was a cop all along. The badge also provides the Borvo gang with a great opportunity. You are to take the badge, assume the dead agent’s identity and meet his superior on Corellia. This should allow you to thwart the CorSec investigation from the inside.

CorSec Captain Thale Dustrunner is not the brightest star in the sky. He believes you to be his lost field agent Niksel Frangee.

Report to CorSec Captain Thale Dustrunner in the Coronet Capitol (/way -210 -4580). Thale has never met field agent Niksel Frangee before and does not know what Niksel looks like. Thanks to your badge, Thale assumes you are Niksel. You learn that the CorSec investigation into Borvo’s crime syndicate is almost finished. Thale asks you to escort an important witness to safety so they can testify against Borvo. Aldalad (CL27) is some 700m away. Make him disappear (but get the location update before you attack).
Incredibly, the CorSec Captain is not mad at you that Aldalad is killed. He firmly believes you to be his lost agent Niksel Frangee. He even gives you a second job. You are to meet Maerzen and collect the money that was used in the gun shipment. This money is evidence against Borvo. Go to the waypoint (make sure to get the location update) and terminate Maerzen (CL27).
The CorSec Captain is horrified at Maerzen’s death. It seems like Borvo’s gang knows his every move in advance! How do they do it? Luckily you, his trusted agent Niksel Frangee, are not a suspect. He even tasks you with bringing the evidence money down to Evidence Storage. Ha! Exit the building and calmly walk to the starport.
Back to Borvo:
Return to the Moenia cantina and talk to the guards to hand over the evidence money. This ends the CorSec investigation into Borvo the Hutt’s alleged crimes. It also grants you an audience with Borvo himself.
Borvo is pleased with you returning his money from the gun shipment. However he is not so pleased with your problem with the police as this is costing him business. And some bounty hunters want to kill you.
These are a special kind of bounty hunters. They don’t go after you, you have to go to them. Find the four bounty hunters (CL27) at /way 5767 -7291 near Moenia (again make sure to get an update for this location) and kill them before they kill you. Return to Borvo.

You receive a comlink message from Borvo after killing the bounty hunters.

Dagorel found out that Borvo’s old business partner Montrus was behind all the trouble. Borvo now wants to give his ex-partner a spectacular early retirement. Go to /way 4752 3907 and kill Montrus (CL27). Make sure he knows who sent you.
You get a comlink message from Borvo. He is pleased and has a reward for you, from his collection of valuable artifacts. Go back and Borvo gives you an antique rifle. This is the Tusken King’s longrifle that was stolen from the Darklighter’s Estate! Do not mention this. Politely thank Borvo for the job opportunity and the reward, and leave the cantina.

The Tusken King’s Rifle requires combat level 72 and is No Trade.

Meet the Darklighters:
Go to the starport, travel to Tatooine and return to the Darklighter’s Estate. Drag and drop the rifle from your inventory on the guard (sadly you can not keep the rifle if you want to do the next part of the questline). This completes Borvo the Hutt’s quest and allows you access to Huff Darklighter and the Darklighter’s Estate quest.

Take the Tusken Rifle back to the Darklighter’s Estate.

Go inside the Estate where you will finally meet Huff Darklighter. He will thank you for finding his grandfather’s lost rifle and then asks if you want to aid him again. His daughter, Dera, has become obsessed with a band of Tusken Raiders that took up residence in a nearby cave. Huff is concerned about her, which is understandable because he lost his son Biggs not long ago. Huff wants you to check up on Dera and make sure she is alright.
You will find Dera at /way -915 -6490. She tells you that the Tuskens in the cave are a threat to the area and asks you to reduce that threat. Find the Tusken Cave at /way -1026 -6366.

Dera Darklighter does not mess around!

Your targets are the Blood Hunters (CL32) and Flesh Renders (CL31) inside the cave. You need to kill 24 of them. Also find the Tusken Vile Chieftain (CL31 Elite) and kill him too.

Beware the Tusken Vile Chieftain!

Return to Dera. She will thank you and send you back to her father at the estate.
Sennex Slavers:
Huff is very happy his daughter is alright. And that steps have been taken against the Tuskens. But he has another request. Sennex pirates have established a slave trade in the area. They use a bunker near Anchorhead that poses as a research facility.
Go to the Sennex Slave Bunker facility. You can’t miss it as it is on the hill just above the Anchorhead shuttleport, at /way 70 -5256. Go inside and confront the slavers. Take out 13 Sennex slaver veterans (CL31). Also terminate their boss, the Sennex Slaver Overlord (CL31 Elite) at /way 171 -5234.

The Sennex Slavers look like post-apocalyptic scavengers from the desert wasteland.

Huff also wants to know where the enslaved prisoners are. Use the Sennex databank at /way 140 -5330. Sadly it has no useful information on the prisoners. To make up for this, Huff wants you to kill more slavers. 13 Sennex Slave Drivers (CL32) to be exact.
Return to Huff Darklighter, to receive your thanks and a big reward.

You receive this polished krayt skull as a reward.

This concludes this week's Friday Feature on The Darklighter Estate, and we want to give a special thanks to @Rees for contributing their time and work on today's article. Feel free to also visit the SWG:Legends Wiki too for information on this quest here
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