SWG Legends news // Candidates for Election to the Ninth Galactic Senate ANNOUNCED!

Greetings Legends!
The nominations are in and the candidates for election to the Ninth Galactic Senate are ready to be announced! So without further ado, your candidates are:
  • Bossk / Ruthless / Sy-Lana#8818
  • Strouther / Strouther#0005
  • Nerifes / Nerifes#0765
  • Vladislaus / Vladislaus#1392
  • Corren / Corren -FFS- (Dant 1339 -6058)#9823
  • Fordaith / Fordaith#4362
  • Stumpeyy / Stumpeyy#0466
  • Sam2h / Sam2h#6196
  • Shrick / Shrick#0145
  • Wynton / Wynton#0480
  • EllanaRose / EllanaRose#7031
  • OfficerJack / Odium_Hector#2212
  • SplinterStrike / SplinterStrike#4196
  • Solace / Solace#9500
  • Yarthort / Creen#5672
  • JudzaDax / JDax#7029
  • PullanoKP / KandyKane#2293
  • Lowyjowylof / Kirkfu #1693
  • AlkyTimor / Alky#2673
  • WookieeJedi / Vossk#1928
  • Vavau / VAVAU#3110
  • Gromish / Gromuto Kun#0256
  • mmusslewhite / Edio#3847
  • Srynna / Srynna#1643

Unfortunately, the following nominees were rejected for the reasons specified below:
  • RyacSampaio - Negative experience with this player whilst they were on a Staff Internship.
  • Redscorpion / redscorpion - Consistent disruptive behaviour within the Senate to the extent a large number of Senators and Staff will no longer interact with him, thereby jeopardising the work of the Senate.

Blocking any player from running for the Senate is not a decision we take lightly, in past elections the few players we have blocked have admitted themselves to making troll nominations or have stated publically they are doing so to deliberately cause disruption. We have always used the staff veto sparingly and only after great debate.
The Election Begins!
Polls open on Saturday 15th August 2020 and campaigning will begin in earnest from this date! Good luck to all our candidates and we hope the community does its usual excellent job of giving them all a good grilling over the next two weeks! We will also be releasing the voting statistics for the current Senate on Friday as well.