SWG Legends news // *The 13 Ghosts of SWG Legends!*

Ghastly greetings, festival goers. We need your help. A familiar face from holidays past has potentially doomed us all! Rickey has returned, and his bumbling buffoonery has unleashed terror across the galaxy!
We first met Rickey the reformed Space Robot when he defected from Dr. Fool's ill fated invasion to delete space last Fool's Day. After a group of brave adventurers helped him foil the last of Dr. Fool's evil robots, Rickey promised he was out of the villainy business. In an effort to make amends and find a less problematic holiday to represent, Rickey has decided on the Galactic Moon Festival.
Unfortunately... in his search for spooky shenanigans to celebrate the season, he opened a petrifying parcel that contained thirteen ghosts! The ghosts escaped, on a mission to spread fearsome fright throughout the galaxy.
The fleeing phantoms have been seen throughout the galaxy, and we need brave galactic citizens to help track them down and capture them! Can we count on you to stop these scary specters?

Event Information:
Event Type: Live Event, PVE/RP. The event will be announced in game, via system message.
Dates/Times: All throughout GMF! 13 ghosts means 13 chances to participate!
Happy Haunts,
The SWG: Legends Team