SWG Legends news // *Friday Feature - Space for Rent: Bespin Apartments*

Hello Legends! With the release of the Sixth Anniversary Update, you can now rent your very own apartment in Bespin's beautiful and exciting Cloud City. Architects have worked tirelessly to open up the sky-reaching towers and remote platforms for you to live among the clouds.
Let's pack our bags and take a tour of the various features that are designed to give everyone a chance to rent their very own space!

Getting Started
Before you can join others in the clouds, you'll need a Bespin Housing Token. You may only ever have ONE on your entire account. This "No Trade Shared" item is acquired by typing /claim and selecting it in the list of available rewards.

A Bespin Housing Token. Used to purchase a license for a Cloud City Apartment.

Since there is only one you can ever have, choose wisely! Here's a few tips to help you make the right choice:
  • Apartments take either one or two lots.
  • Initial cost to rent an apartment is 25 million
  • Maintenance is either 150 or 300 credits per hour (depending on which lot size)
  • Maintenance fees do NOT automatically deduct from the owners bank account.

There are other benefits and restrictions. Read the whole article to help you make the best decision so you get the most out of your apartment-living experience!

Getting a License
Take the token to the Bespin Central Tower (/waypoint bespin 136 200). On the first floor inside, you'll find the esteemed architect Odih Owela.

Odih is always ready to welcome new citizens and can give you the proper license to do so!

Converse with Odih and he'll welcome you and offer you a tour of his beautiful apartment designs. The models of his rooms are available behind him and to the left and right. There are three total designs known as "Square", "Round" and "Tibanna".

The square style apartment, available at apartment blocks throughout the main Cloud City sprawl
The Tibanna style apartment, available on the Tibanna Platforms reachable by shuttleport
The rounded style apartment. Like the square, this can also be found in the main Cloud City

You do not need to commit to a design. Once you pay the fee and turn in your token, you may rent ANY apartment so long as you have the lot space available and you don't already have an apartment.
If you are ready to rent, converse with Odih and let him know. Odih will take your "Bespin Housing Token" (also known as the "Cloud City House Token") and your 25 million credits in exchange for your "Cloud City Residence License".
Congratulations, you are now authorized to live in Cloud City!

Finding Your Place
The license is not a physical object you carry, but a skill attached to your character that enables you to rent an apartment within Cloud City.
Which one will you choose? You may have only one. But do not fret, you may always pack up and move to another flat if you want a different view of the magnificent city.

There are three types of apartments.
Round and Square Models
Buildings that hold the round and square can be found on the planetary map. On the right hand side, expand the "Apartment Blocks" to find waypoints to the numerous apartment buildings. Both of these styles will take up one (1) lot on your character.
Maybe you'd like one near a starport? Or be conveniently located near the Underworld Cantina? Or maybe you simply like the name of one in particular.
Tibanna Model
The third type - Tibanna - is located out on Bespin's Tibanna Platforms, reachable by Cloud City's shuttle system. The apartment style found here is larger but has a style befitting of the industrial rings they are housed in. This style of apartment takes two (2) lots on your character.
Navigating the Tibanna Platforms is different than the apartment complexes. The platforms are arranged on levels, with each containing their own rings. Use the central elevator to go up and down the levels. From there, go to the end of any of the corridors to the elevator that takes you up and down to the various rings.

The elevator that takes you to different levels is found in the center. The end of each "spoke" has an elevator to carry you to the different rings. Here we are on Level 1B.

The Apartment Terminal
Each apartment building has an "Apartment Terminal". This console allows you to see the residents and availability of the structure. You are free to view any terminal to see not only what is available to rent, but who your neighbors may be! Our community has already started building shops, transport hubs, cantinas and more!
You will use this terminal to rent a space, but you might want to go even further on your tour before committing. Look for an elevator nearby to head directly to any floor and into any unoccupied or public apartment. The models match what Odih had in the Central Tower, but you may also want to see the view from the windows.
To help with your navigation, look for signage in and around the elevator terminals which will tell you which floor or section you are in.

The apartment terminal is located at every apartment block. It lets you browse available spaces and either rent or unpack your apartment.

Renting an Apartment
Once you have selected an unoccupied apartment and have the available lots, you'll double click the location on the "Apartment Terminal" and select rent from the pop-up window. Much like any other player structure, you will receive a mail and a waypoint to your new lot.
The apartment has a House Management Terminal which works just like every other house in SWG. There are few important notes which we'll cover further below. For now, let's establish a good foundation by looking at the basics and clarifications.
  • Round and square apartments within the city use 1 lot, have an item limit of 150 and cost 150 credits per hour
  • Tibanna platform apartments take 2 lots, have an item limit of 250 and cost 300 credits per hour
  • All apartments may have their item limit increased by way of storage expansions
  • The Homing Beacon will allow you to land in front of your apartment from Bespin Space
  • The Geonosian Solar Sailer can also bring you right to your front door
  • Apartments can be packed up into your datapad and unpacked into a same-sized, uninhabited space via the "Apartment Terminal"
  • You CAN rename your structure, but you CANNOT use custom signs
  • You CAN place vendors within! Waypoints that are generated via the bazaar terminals will contain the floor and direction of the apartment within the waypoint text.

You - and any potential customers from the bazaar terminals - will receive a waypoint to your apartment.

Responsibilities of the Renter
With a great view comes great responsibility! Here are some very important points to consider when renting an apartment.
  • Maintenance does NOT automatically withdraw from the owners bank account
  • Apartments can only store up to 90 days of maintenance
  • An apartment that runs out of maintenance will be condemned.
  • After 7 days, a condemned unit will be packed up at the next sever restart. Vendors will go to their respective owners datapad.
  • To unpack a condemned structure, a condemnation fee must be paid by the owner
  • Until the fee is paid, the apartment and contents will remain in the owners datapad.
  • To unpack an apartment in your datapad, double click an uninhabited space via the "Apartment Terminal" and use the "Unpack" button

Moving Out
Should you wish to give up city life and leave your apartment completely, you may use the House Terminal with the "Destroy/Redeed" option.
  • Just as with all other structures, you must first pick up all of the contents
  • Unlike other structures, you do NOT get a physical item back
  • You will lose all of the maintenance that was leftover on the apartment
  • You are still licensed to rent any unoccupied apartment

To return your license, you must return to Odih at the Central Tower. He offers you an option to exchange your housing license for the original token. Taking this option will grant you the token but not the credits. If you want to use the token again, the cost is reduced down to 1 million credits instead of the original 25 million.
This is convenient if you'd like to move the "no trade shared" token to another one of your characters. Otherwise, you can just keep the license and rent again at any time in the future without any additional licensing fees. You are always welcome to return to Cloud City!

The Baron Administrator takes in a scenic view of his beautiful city in the clouds. He hopes you'll join him!

We are very excited to bring this long-requested and highly anticipated system to our community. While some of the costs and restrictions may seem unusual, we hope this article has helped you understand that this is done with an eye on fairness; a way to help ensure that every active member of the galaxy has an opportunity to rent their own special place in the clouds! On behalf of all of the amazing "architects" who made this game system possible, welcome to Cloud City and thank you all!
- The SWG Legends Staff

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