SWG Legends news // *Together As One: A Galaxy United*

Together, As One.
A Galaxy United...
We live in a galaxy in chaos.
The war machine of the Galactic Empire churns against the bold resistance of the Rebel Alliance. Every day, battles blaze across the land and light up the skies. The fact that we are a galaxy divided has never been more evident.
Well for some, there is another story being told.
Far from the blaster fire, away from the battlefields, a select few rejoice in the vibrant culture of dance and music that unites us all. Join us for "Together, as One: A Galaxy United''. For one night, we leave behind our weapons and celebrate our amazing galaxy! Entertainers from all walks of life are called to converge as a group or solo act to perform original pieces that show us how now, more than ever, we are stronger together. Together, as one, we highlight what makes our galaxy the wondrous place we call home.

Celebrate the Galaxy!
The Details
Date: Saturday, May 14th, 2022
Time: 2PM EDT/11PM PDT/7PM GMT (Entrants should arrive 15 minutes prior for check in)
Place: Theed Theatre
Join us for a celebration that will dazzle the galaxy! Entertainers are cordially invited to the theatre in the beautiful city of Theed to showcase their skill at dance and music. Spectators are welcome, as this promises to be an incredible show! Rebel or Imperial, we can all appreciate a good party!
Entertainers, your mission is simple: our galaxy is full of inspiration. How will you express this through dance and music? Maybe choreography inspired by the serene grasslands of Corellia? A musical ode to fine galactic cuisine? Maybe a piece celebrating the light and laughter of the friends you've met in your journeys across the stars. The idea is to creatively showcase all there is to love about the galaxy (and there's a lot to love!)
To top it all off, prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place in our entertainment contest!

Entertainer Contest Rules and Entry Form
  • Entrants are limited to those in the Entertainer class. While other classes can do the Basic dance, we are looking for this to be a contest centered on the creative expression of Entertainers.
  • Group size of eight maximum is allowed.
  • An act cannot consist of anything that would break SWG: Legends Code of Conduct.

Entry Form: (Please copy and paste into a reply!)
  • Forum/Discord Name(s) of entrants:
  • In Game Name(s) of entrants: (If a group, what is your group name?)
  • Theme Chosen:
  • What kind of act?: (Dance? Music? Combo of the two?)
  • Code of Conduct: By your entrance into the contest, you agree to abide by SWG: Legends Code of Conduct.

Entries must be received no later than May 13th, 2022. Entrants should arrive at the event 15 minutes prior for check-in. Good luck to all entrants!

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