SWG Legends news // Star Wars Galaxies: Legends - Year Six

Hello Legends!
We've reached another year of growth, community, fun, friends, and so much more in our galaxy! Today, February 28th, marks the sixth year that our wonderful server has been in operation! We've seen many new faces come and go throughout the years, from the beta players of the days of live, to those that their first step in Omega was their first step even in the galaxy, and it's each and every one of you that make this particular celebration extra special!
To celebrate this occasion, we have a few fun goings on, and we want to share those here!


That's right! The double XP is continuing on until the 4th of March! Get out there and get grinding, as this applies to all the following experience points:
  • x2 Combat XP
  • x2 Beast XP
  • x2 Chronicle XP
  • x2 Crafting XP
  • x2 Entertainer XP
  • x2 Pilot XP

You can check out the dedicated thread RIGHT HERE if you have more questions!


What would a party be without celebrations? We've got a plethora of things for you to claim to really get the party going all around the galaxy!

Care for a drink?

First up, we've got the tried and true drink dispensers, three being located in Mos Eisley, Theed, and Narmle. Be sure to stop by each of them, as you'll be able to earn a quine painting from each of them. Be sure to use the radial menu, as you'll also have an option to earn the 6th Anniversary badge as well!

Art, some of the finer things in life!
The aforementioned badge and it's description


Lastly, we have an extra gift for you! Outside of the Mos Eisley Cantina you should find a round speeder with a prize inside, the 9000 Z001 Landspeeder ITV! This ITV will bring you to a few select drinking locations found around the galaxy!

Be sure to check it out and see what you think!

Without you we wouldn't have this fostered community, sharing joy and friendship, helping to grow and develop the Legends project! So thank you for your dedicated love of the game, and we hope to see you out there for many more years to come!
May the Force be with you, Always
SWG:Legends Staff