SWG Legends news // May 2022 Galactic Homeshow Winner!

Greetings Legends,
Judging for the May 2022 Galactic Homeshow has concluded! This special edition of the contest was centered around the amazing Bespin Apartment system where all of the entrants came from the City in the Clouds as a way to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Bespin expansion.
Our judges were truly amazed by each and every one of the nine entrants this month. And just as always, picking a winner from the field is no small task. Fortunately for everyone, a decision was reached!
Congratulations go out to @stevenxasnderso for winning the prize with Headshot's Hideaway! It truly was the site of THE Bespin Party of the summer! Gentlebeings from all over the galaxy converged to take part in the food, fun and festivities offered by the generous host. After enjoying the music, one might find themselves enjoying the hot tub or perhaps a hot meal. There was even a transport service offered for those who party a little more than usual!
stevenxasnderso - don't forget to reach out to a member of the Event Staff (Cristina, Vincer, Muhen, or Walmahrt) to claim your prizes!

A visit to Bespin is always guaranteed to impress, but seeing a Homeshow Winner in person is an experience unto itself! This party in the clouds is absolutely no exception! Go check it out at Prime Tower, Floor 2 South at /waypoint Bespin 386 54 183. You can find all of the apartment complexes on the Bespin planetary map. (V by default). Until you take the trip there, you can take a look here…

If you would like to see all of the entries from this past contest, check out the submission thread found RIGHT HERE!
Thanks once again to all of the entrants! We encourage you all to submit again in future events for another chance at winning. But remember that May 2022 is a special month for the contest: entrants must be a Bespin Apartment (any kind will do) to commemorate the one year anniversary of the Cloud City expansion! Watch the forum or any of our social media platforms for more details when they become available.
May the Force Be With You!
The SWG:Legends Team

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