SWG Legends news // Tusken Fervor Rising! (GMF Update for the TK Heroic)

Greetings Legends,
Galactic Moon Festival 2021 is right around the corner, full of many tricks and treats for new and old community members alike to partake in during the month of October when this festival goes live (on October 8th!).
Many of your favorite GMF traditions will make their triumphant return to the galaxy and you'll once again have the opportunity to gather your moon coins, projectors, and much more as you celebrate this yearly spooktacular seasonal event. Along with the returning fun from past celebrations, we're planning to bring in even more new, fun, and frightening traditions to the fold that you can enjoy here exclusively on SWG:Legends.
Due to the nature of one of these upcoming (and temporary) GMF specific changes (happening for only the duration of the festival), we wanted to make sure to give you all a slight heads up with regards to the Tusken Invasion heroic that most of us might all be quite familiar with.
This year, the team decided to ramp up the scares and the action at the Tusken Heroic in Mos Espa. While we don't wish to spill ALL of the GMF specific changes made, we promise they won't be hard to spot and we cannot wait for you to enjoy this special GMF iteration of this classic heroic and some of the awesome things you can find in it!
As a disclaimer now for all of you (and one we hope you can help share with our friends that might not check the forums or discord):
The Tusken Invasion heroic will see a slight bump in difficulty during the Galactic Moon Festival! The enemy NPCs within will fight harder and require extra blaster shots or swipes of your lightsabers to bring down, but we're confident your practice in places like the Quarantine Zone will have you prepared to put down these extra ferocious fiends!
We will be monitoring the heroic and reading all of your feedback as you and your teams journey through. If there are any major issues to report, please don't hesitate to send your support requests and bug reports to our support center located here!
As with specifically the heroic, the team will also be observing the entirety of GMF as it descends on Omega, anxiously awaiting for you all to finally be able to login and take part in this new terrifying chapter of the Moon Festival tradition!
May the Force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team
[Reminder!] Galactic Moon Festival begins October 8th, 2021 and will END November 7th, 2021.