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Character and faction information

NameSu' Hita
Pilot schoolSmuggler Alliance
character picture of Su\' Hita

Name: Su Hita

Homeworld: Ryloth


Operating Number: DZ-0131

Rank: Jr Lieutenant

Branch: Imperial Security Bureau


Past known occupations: 

*Teräs Käsi artist

*Exotic dancer

*Freelance pilot for hire


Additional notes:

*Known to not talk much

*Grew up on Ryloth as a Sesk'osima

*Might have worked at Jabba's palace (but all Twi'leks look the same right?)

Character and faction information

NameNekoto Petsamet
Planet of birthNal Hutta & Nar Shaddaa (Hutt Space sector)
Planet of residencyTatooine
Pilot schoolStorm Squadron
character picture of Nekoto Petsamet

Imperial Personnel Archive Subject: #89022-41


Name: Nekoto Petsamet

Age: 26 Standard years

Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa / Entertainment District


Height: 1.73 Meters (5.7")

Weight: 58.05 Kg (128 Lbs)

Build: Fit, Medium Build

Skintone: Medium Light

Eyes: Red

Hair: Orange

Description: Zabrak traditional facial tattoo, color red across most of face. Bald with horns but what hair that is there is held up as a short ponytail keeping within female Imperial regulations.


Registered Vehicles:



Current Occupation: TIE Pilot

Operating# TI-0408 / Terror 5 (on loan from Scimitar Squadron)

Rank: Flight Officer


Other notable associations:

-Clone Red , North Ageyn Foothills, Talus


Education: ISD Stalker Flight Academy


-0383 Fighter Pilot


Imperial Medical History

*Physical Evaluation: TI-0408 obtained multiple scars from untreated cuts and wounds from incident occurring on 5022020. Due to lack of top of the line medical equipment at Vanta medical, bigger scars have not fully healed. Front left horn missing half inch tip from the top.

*Psychological Evaluation: TI-0408 shows full range of awareness despite reviving a concussion during incident 5022020.



*Imperial Navy Commendation Ribbon x2 (5/25/2020, 11/11/2020)

*Tarken Medallion (5/25/2020)

... has mastered the Entertainer profession ... has become a Storm Squadron Ace Pilot.
... has achieved the officer rank of Lieutenant in the Imperial Army. ... has achieved the officer rank of Captain in the Imperial Army.