Journal // The Trandoshian surpise
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Levet looked up from the list of orders he had as a chime sounded from one of his datapads. He placed the order list, which contained numerous parts for a private firm connected to the Empire, aside and picked up the datapad. 

“I'll be in my private office,”  he announced towards the droid, which was standing behind the counter of his shop. He slipped into his office, closed the door and switched on the security system, making sure he could access the message in privacy. The room was a tank, with almost no possibility to listen in, and he used it mostly to converse with his superiors or colleagues on Imperial Center.

The message was, to the surprise of Levet, a holo recording, rather than a message. It was encrypted, and Levet realized quickly it wasn’t encrypted in the regular ISB manners, but used a specific encryption he had seen contact use whenever they wanted data not to be filtered by the ISB droids. This meant if the message would be decoded by the droids using standard protocols, the message would look like a simple letter to a random family member asking how their weekend was. This would not flag the message by the droids, however, when this was done, if you shift back some data loops and then run a specialized algorithm with a specific encryption key, and you would get the true message.

Levet decoded the message and then transferred the stream towards his holo receiver. The holo emitter came to life and a blue hued figure materialized in the datastream, in the form of a Trandoshian female.

“I underssstand that you, asss a viewer, require information. Asss a fair warning: thissss issss a one time run program, and the data in this stream will be garbled. The information will be ssssupplied assss a one time gift. Next ssssstream will require a downpayment. Dissssscusssssion of amount can be arranged.” 

“I received the inquiry via unofficial channelsss to be on the lookout for Ssssakayen’sssss that are active on Lok or in the Karthakk system, and did a preliminary ressssearch.” she continued the message. Levet noted, despite that her 's' pronounciation was stretched to a slissing sound, her excellent grasp for Basic, which was rare among Trandoshians. 

“Dessssspite the fact that there are a multitude of Ssssakayensss active on Lok, I could narrow it sssomewhat down, based on the footnote in the inquiry. Sssince the Empire is seeking to eliminate their person of interest my conclusion is asss followsss” 

"In thisss datassstream you will find a lissst of possible targetsss, however, I am highlighting the number one posssition that most likely might have peaked the interessst of the Empire. There is a Sssakayen captain, among a freighter that assssociatesss itssself with a pirate group called ‘the Sonsss of Karthakk  the Ssskiesss’. They are in league with the Feeorin pirate called Nym.” 

“The Sssakayen captainsss' name isss unknown to me, nor isss it being tracked by any intelligence based on Lok, sssince the Empire has no official position on thisss pirate world,  but I do know that he operatesss under variousss aliasssesss, including Var Kadin, Cero Dersss and Luz Vee. From what I can tell, isss that he rotatesss through a ssset of aliasssesss, who’sss extent isss alssso unknown to me.” 

The Transdashian looked towards her datapad, sifting through the information.

“It ssseemsss though that if you want to catch thisss Sssakayan captain, you are in luck. Rumor isss, that there isss a large shipment pickup at Nymm’sss ssstronghold coming Zhellday, and the captain will mossst likely presssent himself. You may want to focusss your attention at the ssstarport there.”  

“This isss all the information I could find on sssuch ssshort notice. Please note that thisss message will destroy itssself after the ssstream is concluded.” 

She looked directly into the camera. “May the Ssscorekeeper be in your favor.”

The stream shut down and the terminal gave an error message. The stream was destroyed, yet Levet knew now who to contact with this information.