Journal // The search for Kez'
Levet muttered and yawned. The chrono showed him at least a good eighteen hours had passed since the meeting had ended. He had left in a hurry, and had downloaded all the information from the droid into his terminal as soon as he entered his data center. His data center was a small room, well hidden in his shop. The shop itself was just a front, and most of the time, his droid would take care of business while he normally would tend to his other business.
As a Treasury Agent, operating with ISB authority, he always felt it was difficult to explain to the Force users, or other command personnel, what he could and could not access. Yesterday, they had addressed him as an accountant, but he was so much more, with that status. He could request certain detailed information, regarding new found Force Users or outstanding flight cadets in the various Imperial flight academies, only to be recruited into the web that Lords and Ladies of the Dark Tide had spun around them.
Xian’ himself had sought him out and helped him get his ISB authority in order to help him create the outpost, making sure credits were never an issue. However, the problem was that everything was compartmentalized within the ISB. Meaning he could only access a minor chunk of all the data that had been in the main-frame on Imperial Center. and everything was strictly monitored. Although his clearance was just limited, Xian’ had assured him that for now it had been enough, as long as he kept the outpost of the radar from Imperial Command. Meaning that the money trail had to be invisible, or someone else could pick up the scent of what was going on in the desert of Tatooine.
With the limitation now broken by entering the codes given to him by Lord Eadaif, he had been extremely excited when he had downloaded more than he wanted from the system without raising major suspicion when he requested the information regarding Kez’. He had jumped into the data as soon as they had left the academy, hoping to be in some good grace again of the various Force Users. He knew how dangerous they all were, and he felt he needed to make up for his error in behavior.
Yes, Levet had been snarky with a couple of them. He had retorted to Failyn and Eadaif in a way that normally would be punished. Perhaps it was due to his own emotional state that he had responded like that. The death of a key figure in the community was a heavy blow. Not only to him, but he realized now that it also was to the other Force users who felt the blow. This was probably also the reason why they responded in a different manner to his snarkiness. The Ladies and Lords had tolerated his behavior.
As a non Force user, he was inferior to them. He had taken that lesson by heart. He was but a mere pawn in their play for power. An insignificant person in their web of intricacies. Maybe also they had been overcome by grief or something that resembled that. So instead of being a victim of their power and skill, or lack thereof, with the Force, it had been a constant stream of warnings.
Levet took a sip from his mug with stimcaf and stared at the numerous files flashing by on the multiple screens in front of him, Medical files, physical and psychological evaluations, mission reports, personal observations by numerous supervisors, personal holonet messages. It was tons of data and somewhere in that data lied the answer to the question that kept everyone here at base on edge.
“Where is Kez’?”
All seemed to be related, except for a tiny window, opened on his most left screen, that seemed to contain a very long string of numeric and Aurebesh characters...