Journal // Echoes of the Past, Pt. 1

            There is only the Void…..

The memories are beginning to become difficult to recall. The gritty heat of Tatooine. The humid wind of Naboo. The salty air of Corellia. I can smell the rot of Dathomir, but cant picture its marshy terrain. I can feel the biting cold of Hoth, but cant recall why I was there, or what I did while I was planetside. Memories that were as vivid as the day I lived them are now floating just beyond recollection. Some fragments return effortlessly with picturesque clarity, while others return only to be replaced by fuzzy half-finished images that require more concentration than I have to muster. Why is it so hard to remember?

            Flowing through all, there is only the Void.

I try to remember life before this blackness. I know there was one, I try to remember places, faces, family, and friends. I know I had them. I know they were important.

            Existence is a lie, there is only the Void.

I try to feel the way I felt in those moments, those important moments in my life, before this…this existence. I know I felt something. I know I felt something, because now I feel nothing.

            There is no emotion, there is only the Void.

The dark once again consumes my consciousness and paints my mind in black. Once I regain control I will be able to contemplate my current situation again. This has been the pattern of my “life” for just about as long as I have the ability to recall. My other memories, the ones that fade, seem like another time, another life. I cling to them hoping to find some reason they remain. Time does not seem to have any sort of holding here, so I can’t even rely on that to tell the tale in the end. I guess now I wait. I look into the black that has taken its hold and wait to see what begins to peer back.

            There is no Death, there is only the Void.