Journal // Battle report 17112021 (Yavin System)
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Eadaif was doing a routine patrol when the com alert startled him. "Enemy contact Yavin System" he mumbled. "Well that's specific". He radioed Imperial dispatch to get a wingman for the interception. "No assets available" Of course not, Imperial forces were spread thin, much too thin. Yet we have orders to never engage alone. "Damned if we do, damned if we don't" he said to nobody in particular. He punched in a course to Yavin.
The blue spirals dwindled away as he came out of hyperspace into an empty sector. He headed to the space station to see if they had any sightings. About 2K away from station he spotted the hostile, weapons were powered up and he was engaging Freelancer traffic. It was an M22-T "Krayt" gunship. A high mass ship preferred by some pirates, they could pack a lot of firepower, but were not very agile. He again commed Dispatch for backup. Again he was denied. The Krayt opened fire on a pair of Ixiyens. Its triple guns, a garish mismatch of yellow, red and blue bolts, were lethal to the unprepared civilians, vaporizing them instantly. "Well, I'm not going to sit here and watch an uncultured, color-blind pirate kill innocents" Eadaif said, and he punched his boosters to engage with the Krayt.
He hit weapons range just as the Krayt was attacking a trio of Kihraxz fighters, a good diversion that distracted the pirate while Eadaif's attacked his 6 with blue lightning bolts. The pirate performed evasive maneuvers, and managed to return some fire hitting Eadaif's front shield all the way to the armor. "Shit, he's better than the usual pirate" Eadaif exclaimed as he punched his boosters and shunted energy to his front shields. He then turned to get the pirate in his crosshairs again.
He squeezed the trigger. Nothing. "The fuck?" he whispered as he checked his capacitor level. Plenty of energy there. He again pulled the trigger at empty space, again no weapons fired. He checked diagnostics as he zig-zagged through space, evading the clashing colored bolts. Weapons offline. Everything else was 100% but no weapons. The enemy hit on his armor managed to take out his blasters. The Krayt passed in front of his cockpit and the RGI's missile tone chirped briefly, reminding Eadaif he still had missiles. But how many? I didn't reload before launching my patrol. Hopefully enough to disable the behemoth he was up against.
Eadaif began turning and burning, trying to get the Krayt into a missile lock. It didn't take long, the RGI was much more nimble than the Krayt. "Fox 1" Eadaif said as he launched an IR-2 missile. It sailed directly into the rear of the pirate, a direct hit. His shields were still holding though. Eadiaf kept the RGI's crosshairs on the pirate, launching a second and third missile. Again the Krayt's shields absorbed the blows without flinching.
Now Eadaif was getting no more missile tones. "Empty rack". His mind raced, no more weapons, he had no choice but to withdraw. He boosted away from the Krayt, who was still firing mis-matched laser bolts at the RGI. Eadaif aimed for the Yavin station, hoping to make quick repairs. He glanced at the enemy contact on the HUD, 1000 meters. As the RGI's booster energy depleted he noted the Krayt closing the distance. Bolts still hurtled past the cockpit window, but they were ineffective. "850" Eadaif whispered, apparently the Krayt had a pretty good engine under the hood too. Faster than the nimble little RGI. Eadaif started doing evasive maneuvers, he knew only one of those blaster bolts could disable his ship. "I'll never make it to the station," Eadaif said as his mind searched for a solution.
"Hyperspace" he said to himself. Jumping to another sector would be the only solution. Normally while in a dogfight there's no time to bring up the hyperspace console and program the jump. Doing so would make you lose situational awareness and unable to evade. But Master Xian had told Eadaif a little trick he uses when the situation gets sticky. He programmed a macro to hyperspace to a pre-determined safe system. Eadaif had taken his mentor's advice and done so, so he flipped the switch on the console and checked the HUD for the familiar hyperspace calibration message. In a few seconds it came up "25%". Eadaif allowed himself a tight smile, this might actually work! He continued to jink the tiny interceptor successfully evading the pirate's energy weapons.
"75%" Eadaif got a more somber look on his face. He knew once the calibrations were complete the ion drives wound disengage and he would lose flight controls, making him a sitting duck. He had to time a booster pulse just right...
"100%" Eadaif triggered the boosters as his ship speed dropped like a rock to zero. He was thrown forward in his seat, then back again as the boosters fired. Then the familiar starscape turned from dots to lines followed by the blue spirals of hyperspace.
The RGI settled out of the jump with the massive desert planet of Tatooine looming in the cockpit view. Eadaif got his bearings and aimed the tiny fighter at the space station, only a few Km away. There he got his weapons repaired for an outrageous price, but it was definitely a seller's market in this remote region. As repairs were made he checked the enemy threat panel, an aggressor was still in Yavin system. He laid in a hyperspace course back to the battle...
This time he didn't find the Krayt so quickly. It had moved further away from the station. He did a systematic search, and after several minutes once again had contact with the pirate Krayt, who was still actively annihilating civilian craft.
Eadaif approached from the 6 of the Krayt, slowly, and when in optimal range he pulled the trigger for his weapons. The blasters gave a menacing howl as they tore into the Krayt's rear shields. The pirate evaded to the right, but Eadaif anticipated this and followed him, keeping his crosshairs on the ship's rear as wave after wave of deadly fire ripped through the shields, then the armor, and the Krayt came to a dead halt in space. Eadaif blew past the disabled ship, slowly circled back and came to a halt 100m from the pirate. With one last somber look, he pulled the trigger in wave after wave of deadly blue lightning until his prey erupted into flames.
He thumbed his com switch, "Imperial Dispatch, Dragoon 1 reporting. Enemy contact in Yavin has been neutralized"
"With prejudice" he thought to himself.
"Affirmative Dragoon 1, please return to assigned patrol, over"
"Copy, Dragoon 1 out"
And then after that patrol, he would have to repay his mentor for the Hyperspace tip. A frosty Jawa beer at the Escape Pod sounded good right about now.

- TLDR I picked a fight with a reb, who took out my weapons, but I used a trick taught by Xian to hyper away, get repairs, go back and kill the reb.