Journal // 101st audit [searching for missing data]
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Colonel Starcross,
the auditing is taking longer than expected due to the structure of the money flows. I need to retrieve specific invoices from the archives to check them out. I will have a report hopefully soon. The first part of the report can be found on your desk.
~Col. Levet Moonstalker

Levet whiped the sweat of his face as he stepped through the sand towards the ISB tower. The heat from the two suns was already pretty warm, even at this time in the morning. The cap on his head was protecting him from an early sunburn, and he was happy he could wear it right now. Depsite the color, the fabrics used in this helped his head stay relatively cool.

The door slid open and he stepped inside the ISB tower, the cold air from the airconditioned building struck his face and he sighed in relief. After a moment of pause, letting himself adjusting to the comfterable temperature, he stepped further towards the elevator, and held up his ID badge in front of the terminal. It scanned it and the doors of the elevator opened. He pressed the button for the basement on the elevator control panel and the doors closed, and the elevator took its route down towards the area below the building.

The doors opened and Levet looked arround. Several terminals were softly humming and the blue hue from the the soft lights casted long shadows on the floor. The area was desserted further. Nobody, except the maintenance and assistence droids, came really here. Levet didnt mind coming here, the quiet and rest made him think over things he couldnt at his own place. He ran next to it a space part shop in which he dealed with used and new ship parts. Customers came in often, so he had to address them too. 

He fired up one of the terminals and logged in, and started digging into the accounting software to call up the invoices he needed and activated his personal recorder.

"It seems there has never been a true thorough audit of the 101st. Imperial command appearantly never requested one and signed of on any funding it required. I wonder if our departed Inspector General had something to do with that. He must have had friends at the right spots if money is wired over without questions asked."

--- Three minutes later ---

"While Mourne has been dead now for a couple of weeks, no real action really has been taken though from high command. Every month an allocated ammount of credits is just deposited in the treasury from the town and in the account of the local ISB office."

--- Five minutes later ---

"I notice that there is a lack of money going to the academy though. I guess the mystics fund their own bussiness. Shouldnt come out of the pocket of the Empire anyway. Its not military alligned, although these men and women do like combat a lot. I can always hear that buzzing of those lightsabers....."

--- Thirty seconds later ---

"Makes me wonder how much a lightsaber goes for nowadays... "

--- Twenty minutes later ---

"Hey ... whats this? There is a whole section of invoices here that werent mentioned in the logs..... "