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I'm standing on the dry desert world of Tatooine, in the Outer Rim. Behind me you can see the imposing walls of a newly built Imperial headquarters building. Not an unusual sight on most worlds of the Galactic Empire, but this base is the headquarters of the famed 101st Korriban Guard. The Guard has been deployed here on this hostile world after recent rebel activity drew intense scrutiny. The ISB, under Inspector General Sebastien Mourn and the 101st Korriban Guard are investigating.

I spoke with Inspector Mourn just an hour ago and he had this to say when I asked him about the rebel presence here,

"The rebellion is not at all what it claims to be. It is a criminal organization set on destroying the peace our Emperor has brought to the Galaxy. There have been several incidents in the Outer Rim and especially here on Tatooine that have prompted a closer look. As of 0900 galactic standard time today, the system of Tatoo is under Imperial blockade by the Crimson Dragoons, and all ships passing into the system will be hailed for identification. This is a resticted zone. Planetside, our investigation is ongoing and a search and detain order will be enacted on all persons found without proper Imperial identification. I'm sure you can understand the concern the Emperor feels, especially after recent developments in the Core Worlds. The vagrant child found murdered on Naboo recently and subsequent investigation, made all the more difficult by the child's lack of registration in the Imperial database, is just one cause for this major undertaking . The Emperor has therefore ordered a complete census along with our investigation here. All beings will be required to complete the census or face internment."

The Crimson Dragoons are the StarFighter Squadron of the 101st and recently returned from deep space deployment. The Dragoon blockade vessels are even now, moving into place above the planet. You can see the new TIE/D Defender's these ace pilots fly, in the background here. The Defender is the newest starfighter developed by the brilliant minds at Seinar Corporation.
Internment, census, blockade, things are definitely heating up here on the desert world of Tatooine. It seems likely that an ISB presence here shows the serious nature of the Emperor's dedication to rooting out the insurgent forces and shining the purifying light of justice into the dark corners and the furthest reaches of our Galaxy.
Today the Empire gave notice to the Outer Rim and it will be interesting to see how this world prospers with the increased Imperial presence here.

From Tatooine, I'm Pell Screery for Imperial Holonet News 4.