Fanfic // [Holonet News] - Holonet News 18/06/2018

<Holonet News - Outer Rim - Pell Screery Reporting>

Yes, I am still on Tatooine, currently standing in the heavily populated city of Mos Eisley. We received news today from the Imperial liason to the Outer Rim, Inspector Sebastien Mourn. In summary he stated that:

The Imperial Planning Department has identified several "problem" areas on Tatooine. They have therefore developed several multi-stage plans to begin pacification of the planet. Beginning in Mos Eisley, identified as a criminal and rebellion hot zone, the first set of missions has been tabled. Operation Firestorm, as it has been dubbed will target criminal elements and begin removing them to insure the safety of law abiding Imperial Citizens doing business and living in the city.

It will be interesting to see what Operation Firestorm entails for cleaning up this hive of criminals and scoundrels and what if any will be the rebel and Hutt's reaction to it.

I'm Pell Screery for Holonet News 4, still on Tatooine...