SWG Legends news // Omega Scheduled Server Downtime

Greetings Legends,
We will be taking Omega offline Monday, February 13th at 5AM PT (7AM CT, 8AM ET, 1PM GMT) to migrate Omega's server infrastructure to our newly-acquired hardware. For background information on the recent events surrounding our server, please read here. A diagram showing the migration can be seen below:
We expect this downtime to take up to 12 hours, but have no firm ETA. Because of this, our normally scheduled restart of Monday, February 13th at 12AM PT (2AM CT, 3AM ET, 8AM GMT) is hereby canceled and will be superseded by the migration downtime.
Thank you for your continued support. We will keep you updated on the progress we make while the server is down during the migration.
May the Force be with you.. always..
-The SWG:Legends Team