SWG Legends news // *Hearts Racing*

The spoiled Princess Rebeccuh of Zeltros is on a tour to experience the Festival of Love! After snacking on chocolate covered camby berries, receiving flowers from the chief of a curious little tribe, and taking on the mantle of matchmaker for the lovelorn, Rebeccuh has decided that there should be an event held in HER honor; one that is designed to get HEARTS RACING!
Princess Rebeccuh cordially invites YOU to a pulse pounding race for prizes that will fulfill your heart's desire!
There is a catch! This race will not be conducted atop cold heartless speeders. Oh no! The Princess demands you to partner up with your most beloved creature mount in order to brave the course and overcome every obstacle!
Do you have what it takes to get hearts racing and win the prizes that the Princess is offering?

Event Type: Racing/Social
Event Location: Endor (/wp 1407 -3317)
Event Time/Date: February 25, 2023 (see time below)
Event Rules:
  • Creature Mounts Only
  • Camps will NOT be permitted anywhere near the circuit.
  • GPPs/ITVs/flight of veteran usage is forbidden
  • You must follow the waypoint indicators given to you from the Racing Droid

The winner will receive An Ewok Love Day Heart (pictured below), a "Heart of Love" shard*, and Han's Hydrospanner!

Instructions: Prior to the start of the race, you will be required to click a Storyteller Invitation Terminal near the race starting gate. This will register you for the event.
When it is time to begin, a racing droid will be placed at the starting line. Converse with the droid to receive the required waypoints for the circuit.
Do NOT begin racing until the official countdown on your screen! Once the countdown ends, the race begins! Follow the waypoints that are sent to you. Follow each until you reach the finish line. The first one to cross the line will be declared the winner and receive prizes from Princess Rebeccuh! (Please be patient while the results are double checked by our eagle-eyed race monitors!)
The race and each checkpoint will be closely watched to ensure a fair race. You will be disqualified if you do not follow the race rules.

When Does the Event Start?
View the chart below to see when the event time is for these timezones:
[Note] You may use this helpful time converter to find the correct time for your time zone: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.htm

The winner receives an Ewok Love Day Heart among other prizes!

* See the Blackscale Festival of Loathe event for how you can affect the entire festival with your shard! Read more here!