SWG Legends news // *Friday Feature - Starting Your Agricultural Adventure!*

Howdy Legends!
As was recently teased, we on the Legends team are proud to present the Ranching and Farming system! This system brings in new buildings, new mechanics, and new rewards! We're going to take some time today to show you how to settle into your own little farm on the prairie (or sand dune, or even Nabooian swamp), to make sure you know how to get started!

Getting started

We will take this point to mention that you will receive a crate of seeds on your login, however we will revisit those when appropriate (but be sure to hold onto them, you'll need them!).
The first thing any farmer needs is a farm! You will want to reach out to your favorite structures crafter, as they will be in possession of a few new building schematics. They will be able to build you a ranch (for animal farming) or a farm (for plant farming), and there are 3 styles for each: Tatooine, Corellian, and Nabooian (which, like the houses, are able to be placed on the similar planets of Lok, Talus, and Rori). Once you get your structure placed you are ready to move on to the next step!

Crop Farming

There is a diverse amount of flora found in the galaxy, and each of these plants are unique beings with unique needs and care techniques. To get you started, you should find you were given a satchel of seeds on login (we told you we'd revisit it!). Once you use this item, you will have 5 more packs of seeds within. To get your green thumb started all you need to do is radial the dirt mound on your farm and plant a seed! But, it's not that easy! It takes time, care, and resources to grow the best plants you can.

The aforementioned seed pack!

Your crops are going to need two things to really thrive: water and fertilizer. Water is just that, it can be harvested yourself, or it can be purchased on the bazaar. Each plant will need a good amount of water, so be sure to stock up! Fertilizer is used to increase the speed at which your plant grows, but you're going to have to make it as well! Make a visit to your local structure trader to have them whip up a "seed grinder" for you, as this will be likely the most important item to your farm. You are able to deposit 3 different kinds of organic resources (bones, skin, corn, things like that!) into your seed grinder and it will output a fertilizer for you. Be sure to experiment with different kinds of resources, as well as qualities, as no two fertilizer combinations are the same!
You will use this fertilizer to adjust the various levels of the earth your crop is planted in to ensure that it's in the perfect zone for plant growth. Each plant has a different zone it likes to grow in, so be sure to experiment and adjust until you get it just right!

Once your crops are grown, you are able to harvest them. They can make nice decoration for your house, chefs might find they can jazz up their food a bit, and there might even be some more nefarious uses as well, though MEPD is close at hand, so we can't talk about that!
Once your seeds are grown, or you realize the farming life is for you and you're ready to fill all your planters, more seeds can be acquired from the friendly neighborhood seed grinder! You will need to submit two organic resources into it, and after processing will be given a new batch of seeds!

There's a lot of nuance and details here, so be sure to document and talk with fellow farmers to get the best yields!

Animal Ranching

Plants are fun and all, but to you, the call of the wild beasts draws you in. Your dream is to move your convoy of bantha, or maybe raise your own baby rancor, well the ranching system is for you!
After placing your animal ranch down, you'll need to make sure that you're ready to handle some animals. Just a basic amount of creature knowledge is needed to start (you must have 1 point in the BM tree!), and you'll need at least one piece of some animal handling gear, be it some gloves, or a necklace of varying quality. Once equipped, you're ready to head out into the world.
Baby creatures should start showing their faces around various lairs, so be on the lookout! Once you spot an appropriate beast, you can begin taming it via the radial menu. Taming a wild animal will take some time, they need to be appropriately approached and interacted with, perhaps they'll give you some queues if they need to be /calm'ed or /pet! Once they are a little familiar with you, you'll unlock the true way to any creatures heart, it's stomach! You will need to feed the baby it's preferred organic resource until it is 100% domesticated, and once it is, you're able to pick it up and bring it back to your ranch.
Once they're in your care, you have to make sure to keep them fed and watered via the trough, and can check on their conditions via the control panel. If the creature's stats aren't quite to your liking, there's rumor that domestics traders might be able to craft something to have a biological effect on the creatures!

In Conclusion

We hope this basic overview will help you get started in the ways of farming and ranching, but we promise, there is a LOT more to discover out there, so be sure to keep up with the community and share your findings! May the weather be fair and your almanacs true!

May the Force be with you, always.
The SWG:Legends Team

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