SWG Legends news // *The Heart/Breaker Gala!*

Get ready for a party to close out the Festival of Love ... but this is a party with a twist! The theme? Well, that's for YOU to decide!

With the evil Blackscale clan invading the Festival, the fate of the grand finale gala event is in your hands, citizens! The result of the Blackscale Festival of Loathe will decide if the party is a celebration of love and happiness, or a showcase of broken hearts and misery.
How can you tip the scales for good or evil? Broken shards of the Heart of Love will be given out randomly at events all throughout the Ewok Festival of Love. Were you lucky enough to nab one? Head to THIS POST and put a screenshot of the shard in a reply - saying either TEAM BLACKSCALE (for those who want to assist the Blackscales) or TEAM HEART (for those who want to help the Ewoks).
Date: March 11, 2023
Location: Smuggler Outpost, Endor (if Team Blackscale wins) OR Ewok Lake Village, Endor (if Team Heart wins)
Dress Code: Come dressed in your festive best to rep your favourite festival team! Those who support the Ewoks and Team Heart, come dressed in pink and white. Blackscale enthusiasts and those allied with Team Blackscale, come dressed in red and black!