SWG Legends news // *The Festival of Loathe: Zero Hour!*

Those who have received a broken shard of the Heart of Love have spoken. The Heart of Love has been recombined by the Ewoks on behalf of Team Heart! But the Blackscales have not sat still for this outrage, vowing that hate will win the day. Where do YOU stand in the eternal battle of Love versus Hate?
Both Team Heart and Team Blackscale are rallying support for a final push to decide the winner once and for all. The victorious side will have their triumph immortalized in the Heart/Breaker Gala: if the Ewoks win, it will be a celebration of the festival's good and pure nature. If the Blackscales succeed in this vendetta to destroy the Heart of Love, the Heart/Breaker gala will truly be a celebration of the evil the Blackscales personify so well.

Do you want to let love rule, and protect the Heart of Love? Then vote TEAM HEART in the poll above. A win for Team Heart will ensure the grand finale of the Ewok Festival of Love is a celebration of all the festival stands for: love, goodness, and happiness!
Are you guided by hate? Then vote TEAM BLACKSCALE! A win for the Blackscale clan will turn the grand finale into a celebration of broken hearts and misery!
Will the Ewoks triumph with the Heart of Love intact? Or will the Blackscales rally to destroy it? The choice is yours!
Cast your vote, Legends, and join us on the 11th of March for the grand finale of the Ewok Festival of Love!
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