SWG Legends news // May the 4th Be With You! (Happy Star Wars Day 2023)

Greetings, Legends!
Fans across the globe are back with a vengeance this May 4th to celebrate everything Star Wars! The Star Wars brand in over 4 DECADES has spawned numerous films, books, toys, and really all sorts of art and entertainment in its time and gradually became quite the staple when it comes to pop culture (I mean even people who haven't seen Star Wars has heard of Star Wars!)
Throughout its time, Star Wars have given way to one of the most passionate (and sure sometimes opinionated!) fandoms in all the world who hold Star Wars dear to their hearts for a myriad of reasons. Star Wars has evolved over the years the same as the fans have, with newer films and television series over the years that chronicle a wide variety of eras throughout Star Wars lore, introducing younger fans to newer characters and different adventures that hopefully they can grow up appreciating and loving through their own Star Wars fandom while still giving so many of us those nostalgic feelings that teleport us back to when we first experienced this galaxy far far away.
As a project full of dedicated Star Wars fans and operated by dedicated Star Wars fans, it shouldn't come as a surprise that we're celebrating right here in SWG:Legends as well! That's right, with this specially timed restart to commemorate the day, we're bringing Omega back with up with some special happenings for the community out there to take part and celebrate the occasion and we want to go over some of those things here in this post today!

Enjoy the May 4th Celebrations in Legends from May 4th up until our reset on May 8th (Monday)

nDto kiTcel eTh wsaaJ!

Just a teeny tiny warning to fellow celebrants and community members during this time:
Some strange and rowdy individuals have been spotted trying to trade goods at the Jawa's Trading Outpost POI west of Mos Espa (-6147, 1854). Apparently they have a custom that demands they give away goods for free, but be warned, good faith in customs only goes so far!

Imperial requisitions officer Lt. Mayfor has been spotted on a landing pad on Cloud city, somewhere near 1030 60! He has been given clearance to empty out Imperial storehouses of less needed supplies, and is excited to clear up the space! Check out the crates of supplies nearby to see what you can find!

Live Events:
Tune in for Live Events during the extravaganza and maybe you can get your very own badge commemorating May 4th (that's right, it's back!)
Accolade: May 4th Live Event Medal
"You have participated during a Live Event at a very special time. May The Fourth Be With You."


Double XP is back with the May 4th celebrations this year, so now is a good time to start leveling if you haven't already!
Link to the Discord event is located here:https://discord.gg/swg-legends?event...71932129230959


Why yes! We have a May the 4th Instagram Giveaway that will be announced at a random time on May 4th EXCLUSIVELY on Instagram! So stay tuned to the post and if you want to follow the project on Instagram or any of our other platforms, you can find links to our social media in the link HERE.

We're happy to be here with you again to celebrate another Star Wars day and we hope you enjoy some of the festivities in game while they're here! If you have any questions about some of the May 4th content, you might ask some of the veterans on Discord for more of the details, otherwise we can answer those questions here or on Discord ourselves as best we can!
Do you have any particular rituals when it comes to your Star Wars Day? Perhaps some fond memories of previous years? How do you celebrate your 4th? We'd love to hear back!
May the 4th Be With You,
The SWG:Legends Team