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Greetings, Legends!
This Friday Feature, we're looking at an SWG:Legends Exclusive celebration known as The Days of the Aned-Kla. This Friday Feature will briefly go over this festival's history, basic details of the characters, activities, and more!
(As of this writing, SWG:Legends is currently celebrating its 7 year anniversary and with it, the return of Dal'an and his fellow adventurers from the Aned-Kla since first gracing the galaxy back in 2021 during Legends' 5th anniversary celebration)

From the SWG:Legends Wiki:
"An elusive group of explorers from a distant galaxy far far away have been located in and around the city of Mos Entha on Tatooine. This unusual group are supposedly known as the Aned-Kla. The members of this clan belong to the Togorian species and are led by a rather mischievous ringleader named Dal’an, who accompanied by his loyal protocol droid named LG-5ND.
This group of seemingly peaceful explorers are known to move with grace and speak calmly in a sibilant tone. It is heavily speculated that they appear within galaxies that are celebrating milestones and special achievements. The objective of their unannounced visit appears to be to encourage citizens that reside within the galaxy to engage in activities they provide and to spread the word of their growing clan and its values. Local citizens have begun celebrating these special days right across Mos Entha.
The Days of the Aned-Kla is a brand new and unique festival celebration that only occurs every other year. When it's underway, you better act fast as this celebration only lasts for a limited time. Once that time has passed, the Aned-Kla will depart, along with the activities they've brought with them to Mos Entha. Over the course of this festival, you will come face to face with the Togorian species and learn about this mysterious Aned-Kla by completing daily quests, stocking up a brand new limited time in-game currency you can use to redeem for new items and artifacts from their world. Remember to get in while you can as these visitors wont be here long."

(The inaugural running of the Days of the Aned-Kla was back in 2021 on February 26th up to March 14th and lasted 16 days)
(The 2023 running of The Days of the Aned-Kla happened on February 27th and lasts until March 10th lasting 12 days)

Festival Events:

For the 5th anniversary missions, these are the NPCs who grant quests:
/way tatooine 1466 3366 Bal'is - Fireworks;
/way tatooine 1496 2824 C-3PO - Riddles;
/way tatooine 1819 3154 Dal'an - Lore Scraps & Vendor;
/way tatooine 1805 3211 Han - Bomb Mission;
/way tatooine 1403 3293 Oola - Dancing;
/way tatooine 1206 2929 Sni'la - Racing;

Once a day, you may trade in a single celebration token to receive a Succulent Maroj Melon from Senah Maroj, found at:
/way tatooine 1291 2938 Senah Maroj;
This melon will grant you a 30 minute buff which grants you an additional token upon successful completion of a celebration task.
The missions for Dal'an and C-3PO are a one time deal per character, they cannot be repeated. Every other celebration task can be repeated every 20 hours, including the purchase of a Maroj Melon.
Lore Scraps
Speak to Dal'an to receive this mission, there is no time limit associated with completing the entire mission. The wind on Tatooine blew Dal'an's notes all over Mos Entha, scour the city and return 10 Scraps of Lore to their owner. Each scrap can only be picked up by a single player and will eventually respawn. Turn on "Show All Object Names" to make them easier to locate.
This mission may only be completed ONCE per character.
Speak to C-3PO to receive this mission, there is no time limit associated with completing the mission. He will ask you to fill in the blanks, the answers are found in the 5th anniversary announcement post copied above, and LG-5ND's dialog.
This mission may only be completed ONCE per character.
Bomb Defusal
Speak to Han Solo to receive this mission, there is no time limit associated with completing the entire mission. You are tasked with locating and defusing five explosive devices which were planted by Valarians throughout Mos Entha to disrupt festivities. Turn on "Show All Object Names" and/or use "/tar explosive" to make them easier to locate. A single bomb can only be defused by a single person and will despawn after a successful defusal. A failed defusal will lead to its detonation, incapacitating the defuser.
Similarly to the Meatlump bomb defusal, to begin defusing locate an explosive device and click on it. You will have 65 seconds to cut the colored wires in the correct order. The order of the wires changes with every bomb. Defuse five (5) bombs to complete the mission. To make the defusal process easier open an additional window, such as your inventory window, to stop the cursor from resetting to center screen. This will permit you to keep your cursor over the defusal window.

Speak to Bal'is to receive this mission, as soon as the dialog ends, the mission begins. This is a timed race, you are tasked with reaching and activating four (4) Old Republic Firework Launchers scattered throughout Mos Entha. The first launcher is adjacent to the bazaar/banking area, the second on the rooftop of a mansion, the third on the roof of the Fallen Star Cantina, and the fourth is on the roof of the Hospital. It can be completed without buffs however it is easier with movement speed buffs such as "Go With the Flow" from entertainers.
You are allowed to attempt this mission ONCE per day, failure will force you to wait until the next day.
/way tatooine 1236 2939 Launcher 1;
/way tatooine 1584 3215 Launcher 2;
/way tatooine 1709 3006 Launcher 3;
/way tatooine 1362 3291 Launcher 4;
You will also want the below waypoint if you aren't familiar with how to get on the roof of the cantina for the fireworks mission.
/way tatooine 1690 3004 Fallen Star Roof Elevator;

You begin this race by speaking to Sni'la. The first dialog will grant you the mission in your journal, the second time you speak to him he will start the race and timing you. Prior to starting the race you will want to have your vehicle out and ready to be boarded, fast vehicles such as the Swoop, BARC, AT-RT or other such 4 star speed vehicles are required.
You are allowed to attempt this mission ONCE per day, failure will force you to wait until the next day.
Speak to Oola to begin this mission, if you aren't an entertainer you will want to use the Dance (Basic) command under the Perform tab or type /startdance and pick Basic. Oola will ask you to perform 6 flourishes over 2 minutes and 30 seconds, five (5) successful flourishes are required to complete the mission allowing you one (1) missed flourish.
Missing two (2) flourishes will fail the mission and force you to wait until the next day to attempt again.

Mission Rewards:
Completing the missions during the Days of the Aned-Kla will reward you with Tokens of the Aned-Kla, used to purchase items from Dal'an. These tokens can be placed inside the Box of Achievements and are Shared No Trade.
Lore Scraps - 5 tokens (+1 with Melon) NOT repeatable
Riddles - 5 tokens (+1 with Melon) NOT repeatable
Bombs - 3 tokens (+1 with Melon) repeatable
Fireworks - 2 tokens (+1 with Melon) repeatable
Race - 2 tokens (+1 with Melon) repeatable
Dance - 2 tokens (+1 with Melon) repeatable

Go for a deeper dive into The Days of the Aned-Kla on the SWG:Legends Wiki! For info and images, you can visit the article RIGHT HERE. Special thanks to Splinterstrike and fellow collaborators for their work on this wikipedia article!)

We want to give a special heartfelt thanks to all of our volunteers on the SWG:Legends project, our contributors, and the entire community for their time, patience, dedication, and overall support of the team and the project throughout these past several years. We want to keep pushing to provide the best SWG experience we can and hope you continue to enjoy your time playing with us.
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