SWG Legends news // Community Update: March 2019
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Hello Legends,

While chatting with a few of our community members we have heard rumours and titbits about various topics, which we have now decided to publicly show and state our position on some of these rising topics.

The Team

We have gone through some rough times during these last three years, with many ups and downs. All in all the staff team has had more than 80 members already. Currently we are a very stable team, with a good mixture of some long standing members, some seasoned and well known staffers and some newbies. We all are united in our love for Star Wars Galaxies and making your experience the very best it can possibly be. We all offer our spare time to make this possible.

If you see some changes in the team - some old names gone and some new names coming - I can tell you that this is a normal thing. Sometimes we lose track of what we are here for, we forget to take the time and play the game ourselves. Or we have new situations in RL which demand more attention now. So the team is constantly changing and evolving, and that's a good thing, as we also learn something new and get new input this way.

This is a good occasion for us to say a big "Thank you!" to all the current staff members and previous staff members. Without all of their contribution we wouldn't be where we are today!

Current Development

As you can see we have a strong and healthy development team. Actually, as it has grown as big and diversified as it is now we had to divide the coding developers and the graphical designers. Both teams are making great progress on their respective work for the project.
You all have seen within our Development Roadmap the developers are working hard on the new upcoming Jedi Themepark. In addition to this, the Avatar Platform Hardmode version and various senate resolutions and the Star Viper are being worked on! Besides that we regularly putting a small amount of work into updating the seasonal events, as you are currently experiencing with The Ewok Festival of Love and the 3rd SWG:Legends Anniversary collection.

Other Servers

You all know that there is more than just SWG:Legends out there. Other NGE projects do exist or about to make their way onto the scene.
We have heard some rumours and seen both public bad-mouthing and attempts by some individuals to recruit players from Legends to other projects.
In all honesty we appreciate the competition, as it is healthy for us and everyone else: the players get a choice about where to play and how they want to realise their own adventure in the galaxy we all love so much, and we as staff group get the opportunity to measure ourselves against others which allows us to determine where we are standing and where we want to go in the future.

As staff team, we try to be as professional as possible, thus you should not see any bad-mouthing coming from us, or any attempts to influence where you potentially want to play. The choice is fully yours wherever you decide to play - but we hope that we can offer you what you are looking for.

We hope this clears up any fog surrounding these topics.

May the force be with you.

SWG:Legends Staff