SWG Legends news // *Battle at the Bastion II (Community-run PVP Event)*

Battle At the Bastion II

Empire and Rebellion are joining forces for one night only to participate in a grudge match for the ages: the Battle at the Bastion! Join us for this cross factional team tournament at the hidden Rebel base on Corellia on April 15th at 3PM EDT/8PM BST/12 noon PDT.
Battle Plans

This is a 5v5 team tournament. Each team participates in three matches with an opposing team. Best two of three advance your team to the next round. A match is won when one team completely wipes out the other. Whoever's left standing at the end of the tournament is declared the winning team.
Faction restricted buildings will be blocked for the duration of the event.
Revives from medics are allowed, but people cannot re-enter the fight if they clone. Fights will be regulated by way of guild war, so you will need to temporarily leave your guild to join a specially formed tournament guild created for each team.
The bracket will be published prior to the event, teams should be attentive to the order and be prepared to fight shortly after the prior match's conclusion.
Grand Prize

Each member of the winning team will get the following prizes:
250 Million Credits (Split amongst the team)
Synapse Crystal
Brave Soldier badge

Factions: This is a cross factional tournament, so you are able to have members of the Empire and the Rebellion on your team.
Team Composition: 1 Medic/Spy per team maximum.
Alternates: 2 alternates can be signed up for each team. These alternates can be substituted in should one of your group members be unable to attend.
Signups: Competitors must list their profession & 1 alternate when signing up.
Misc: All buff items and vehicles allowed.

To sign up for the event, please access the Google form HERE. You will need to ask one person to sign up on behalf of your team, please ensure this person is easily reachable via Discord.
The point of contact for this event is Talalalalaala#3987 on Discord, so please direct any questions to them!